Food and Nutrition Facts

Food and nutrition facts help you decipher a plethora of diet advice. If you're considering a dietary change, these articles can help guide you to the right foods.


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New Chocolate Breakfast Cereals Claim to Be Healthy. But What Sounds Too Good …

"Healthy" chocolate cereals aren't being marketed to the kids you might expect. Why are grown-ups the big new target market for desperate cereal companies?

Yes, You Can Pickle That. And If You Have Social Anxiety, Maybe You Should

The health benefits of fermented foods have been apparent for ages. Spoon up that sauerkraut, because a new study suggests they may help reduce social anxiety, too.

Can I get cancer from eating tofu?

There is growing concern over a possible link between soy and certain types of cancer. Could these potential risks outweigh the benefits of eating tofu?

Where did the 2,000-calorie diet come from?

Nutrition labels list daily values based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Why did this become the standard?

Do artificial sweeteners raise your blood sugar?

We know sugar-free doesn't always mean healthy. But why would sugar substitutes raise blood-sugar levels in one study to near-diabetic levels?

Is there such a thing as negative-calorie food?

Celery munchers, this one's for you: Some foods are so low in calories that people say you can burn them off just by eating them. Is the "negative calorie" phenomenon a real thing?

10 Weird-but-true Food Facts

Cheese never ceases to be amazing: You can set it on fire, store it in a bank or consume it with some complementary maggots. And that's just one of the foods on our list.

10 Myths About Sugar

We love it, but is sugar a sweet thing or the devil in disguise? Does it really cause obesity, tooth decay and diabetes? Get the facts on the world's favorite carbohydrate.

Are fats actually good for you?

After years of bad press, attitudes are changing toward fats. You don't have to stay away from all of them if you're trying to stay healthy. But which fats should you try, and which should you avoid?

Are humans built to drink milk as adults?

Surprisingly, most people in the world can digest milk fine as babies and lose this ability as they grow up. Why does this happen? And why isn't it true for every culture?

Do fat-free foods really make you fat?

With the explosion of fat-free processed food in the '80s and '90s, why did consumers tend to get bigger? Turns out, "fat-free" food had a dirty little secret.

How much dirt do I eat in a year?

From kids eating it as they play outside to women craving it during pregnancy, dirt ends up as a snack both intentionally and otherwise throughout our lives. Can it actually help keep us healthy?

Is refined sugar addictive?

If you have a sneaking suspicion you're addicted to sugar, you might be right. Sugar lights up areas of our brains that also get excited by cocaine and heroin. What does that mean for your body?

Is refined sugar toxic?

For years, health experts zeroed in on fat reduction as the way to lose weight and stay healthy. It's possible, though, that refined sugar is taking an even worse toll on our bodies.

10 False Nutrition Facts Everyone Knows

Today’s conventional wisdom is that a healthy diet does not include chicken skin, fatty foods or high fructose corn syrup. But how many of these food facts are just wrong?

How do they get the fat out of fat-free foods?

Wouldn't it be cool if there were some magical machine that just sucked all the fat out of all the foods we like but still left them tasting delicious? Yeah, not happening, so what is the deal?

Why does anemia make people want to crunch on ice?

If you've got a constant compulsion to crunch on ice -- huge amounts of ice -- it could be a sign of anemia. What is it about having an abnormal number of red blood cells that makes ice so appealing?

Is Drinking Diet Soda Bad for You? 5 Health Risks

Studies show that diet soda may pose health risks. We look at the research to see if artificial sweeteners are safe and if diet sodas pose health risks

6 Yummy Gluten-Free Snacks

Those with Celiac disease can enjoy these gluten-free snacks guilt-free. These tasty treats prove that gluten-free snacks can be healthy and satisfying.

5 Natural Holiday Foods That Contain Vitamin D

When the holiday blues get you down, a single vitamin -- vitamin D -- can help. Thankfully, there are some tasty foods that can deliver.

How much water do I need every day?

Are you getting enough water? Find out how much water you should be drinking every day.

Root Vegetables 101

There are many varieties of root vegetables such as parsnips, beets and turnips. Get nutritional and cooking information on root vegetables here.

Do certain foods help seasonal affective disorder?

The wintertime blues are normal, but for some, seasonal affective disorder can be a serious problem. Could the secret to quashing seasonal depression be as simple as a trip to the grocery store?

5 Best Foods for Brain Health

Some foods, such as cocoa-based chocolate, can make a difference in your brain health. See this list of the five best foods for brain health to learn more.

Nutritional Fundamentals for a Long Run

When you're on a long run, there's the part of you that pushes on, and there's the part that tries to hold you back. Poor nutrition before a lengthy excursion is a prime example.