Food and Nutrition Facts

Food and nutrition facts help you decipher a plethora of diet advice. If you're considering a dietary change, these articles can help guide you to the right foods.

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Over the years, eggs have acquired a bruised reputation from reports they contribute to raised cholesterol. But the truth is that they are a nutritional powerhouse. Learn about the many health benefits of including eggs in your diet.

By the editors of PureHealthMD

While we've been conditioned to believe milk is the epitome of healthy drinking, it's really a gamble -- it can be highly beneficial or highly detrimental. Learn the truth of whether milk is good for you.

By the editors of PureHealthMD

The dangers of monosodium glutamate (MSG) need to be shared to protect the American family. Learn about the dangers of monosodium glutamate.

By the editors of PureHealthMD


A generous sprinkling of bacon, croutons, cheese and nuts does not a healthy salad make -- and you can add hundreds of calories with a big helping of dressing. So, how to navigate the dressing aisle and salad bar?

By Shanna Freeman

People don't usually associate the words "fat" and "oil" with anything healthy. But, in fact, not all fats are bad for you. Canola oil, which is considered a good fat, is a versatile kitchen staple.

By Chelsea Hedquist

It can lower your cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure, cut your heart attack risk and help your skin and hair look good -- omega-3 has to be a magical elixir, right? Not quite, but this fatty acid comes with several benefits.

By Stephanie Watson

It's short for "Canada oil, low acid," but what exactly is canola oil? And what makes some varieties worth mixing in a vinaigrette and others best left to baking and stir-frying?

By Oisin Curran


As you sit staring at a bowl full of healthy greens, assorted veggies, lean meat and low-fat cheese, you feel confident that you're about to eat a healthy lunch. Not so fast -- that fat-laden creamy dressing you're poised to pour could ruin everything. Better reach for an oil-based salad topper, instead.

By Gerlinda Grimes

Once written off along with other cooking oils, the nutrients and good fats in olive oil make it one of the healthiest items to add to your menu. How can you use olive oil to improve your health?

By Jane McGrath

All lettuce is created equal -- isn't it? Nope. So which greens will give you the most nutritional bang for your buck?

By William Harris

Do you know the facts on fats? Get information and tips on different types of fats and get the facts on fats to make healthier food choices.

By Frances Largeman


What are the benefits of soy as a part of your diet and nutrition? Learn about the benefits of soy.

By Susan Calvert Finn

What sneaky sugars are infiltrating your diet without you realizing it? Learn about sneaky sugars.

By Frances Largeman

What are the top 10 foods for women? Make sure to add the top 10 foods for women to your diet.

By The Food Fit Company

Hidden sodium lurks in all kinds of unexpected foods. Learn where hidden sodium can be found.

By Frances Largeman


If you've ever gotten seafood sickness, you may think shellfish should be eaten only when there's a "Z" in the month. But for those of us who love slurping down these slimy bivalves, does the month matter?

By Tom Scheve

Children often request that moms cut the bread crusts off their PB&J sandwiches. But maybe Mom should quit following those instructions. What's so healthy about bread crusts?

By Sarah Winkler

Losing weight doesn't have to be a painful and grueling process. A simple 30-minute walk while enjoying the sunset can burn as much as 1500 calories each week. Read our list of 25 simple steps to a healthier you.

By the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.

Nutrition for seniors can be confusing as some nutrients become more important and others may become harmful. As someone ages and eating habits change, their body's ability to absorb or retain nutrients changes. Learn how nutrition for seniors works.

By Densie Webb


Ever wonder whether or not you're eating right? Balancing carb and protein intake, drinking enough water and finding out what supplements you may need are important elements to leading a healthy lifestyle. Learn how nutrition works.

By the American Institute for Preventive Medicine

Your diet is very important during pregnancy. The baby's health depends on your gaining the right amount of weight, eating nutritional foods and avoiding drugs that will harm the child. Read about pregnancy nutrition guidelines.

By Elizabeth Eden

The USDA Dietary Guidelines offer advice for creating a balanced diet and controlling your weight. Use the new Food Pyramid to cut calories and develop a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

By Gayle A. Alleman

You've probably heard the hype: Antioxidants can make you look and feel younger! Some hopeful folks even believe antioxidants will lower the threat of disease. Can there be any truth to this? Learn what an antioxidant actually is.

By Robin Brett Parnes


"Healthy" chocolate cereals aren't being marketed to the kids you might expect. Why are grown-ups the big new target market for desperate cereal companies?

By Sarah Gleim

Daily calorie needs vary significantly from person to person. Learn how to calculate the number that’s right for your body.