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Fertility & Infertility

Fertility deals with the ability to produce offspring. Learn about the process of fertilization as well as several methods to help overcome the problem of infertility.

How do high FSH levels affect getting pregnant?

When you're trying to conceive, getting the news that your hormone levels aren't normal can leave you feeling discouraged. But don't give up hope. Here, learn what high FSH levels really mean and how this affects your ability to become pregnant.

Experts Call for Egg Donor Registry

An egg donor registry could educate us about breast cancer and other health risks. Learn more about the donor proposal in this HowStuffWorks article. See more »

Enter Mr. Pig-Man? Chimera Embryos Should Not Be Feared, Scientist Says

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Fertility Nation? Janet Jackson and the Future of Pregnancy After 45

Give me a beat! Janet Jackson is pregnant at 50. HowStuffWorks Now explores some of the techniques older women can use. See more »

Fear of a Three-parent Baby Stalls Treatment of Mitochondrial Diseases

The FDA requested a paper on the ethics of mitochondrial replacement. Learn how the procedure is causing fear of designer babies at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Uterine Transplants

Are uterine transplants a good idea? The jury is still out on this new procedure. Find out why at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

Can a woman get pregnant during her period?

Can a woman get pregnant during her period? Find out whether a woman can get pregnant during her period in this article. See more »

Varicocele and Male Fertility

Varicocele and male feritlity is something you don't want to ignore. Learn more about varicocele and male fertility in this article. See more »

Ovarian Cysts and Fertility

Do you know about ovarian cysts and fertility and how they affect each other? Learn more about ovarian cysts and fertility in this article. See more »

How does maca root help fertility?

How does maca root help fertility? Learn how maca root helps with fertility in this article. See more »

Hormone Imbalances and Infertility

Hormone imbalances and infertility can be issues when trying to conceive. Learn more about the issues of hormone imbalances and infertility in this article. See more »