Skin problems, ranging from mild acne to skin cancer, affect people of all ages. Learn more about skin problems at HowStuffWorks.
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Do you know how to take care of your skin?

When you were a kid, you collected freckles like coins in a piggy bank -- happily. But as an adult, you'd rather not bank these brown spots. How can you make them disappear?

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What is jock itch?

Your groin is a popular spot for fungi to mingle. Make it dark and damp enough, and these fungi can grow out of control. What's the deal with this itchy malaise?

Skin Parasites

Though skin parasites such as lice, bedbugs and scabies affect numerous people every year, most try to keep their infestations private out of fear of appearing unhygienic. But does being clean really have anything to do with it?

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