Medicine has to do with diseases and conditions that affect the entire body. In this section, learn about testing and treatment plans including the medicines used to prevent and treat a range of diseases and conditions.
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Are you prepared for an emergency situation?

Are looking for answers to your pain questions? Let this questions and answers article with Dr. Scott Fishman help you with your pain symptoms.

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Generic Drugs

About half of all prescriptions are filled with a generic equivalent of a brand-name drug. Generic drugs have the same active ingredients, safety and effectiveness as brand-name medications, but are they really just as good? And why are they so much cheaper than brand-name drugs?

Will inkjet technology replace hypodermic needles?

Inkjet printers might be doing a lot more for doctors than just printing medical forms. This technology combined with microneedles could create a drug patch that might replace hypodermic needles.

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