Medicine has to do with diseases and conditions that affect the entire body. In this section, learn about testing and treatment plans including the medicines used to prevent and treat a range of diseases and conditions.
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Are you prepared for an emergency situation?

The phrase "Army medical training" may spark memories of the '70s TV show MASH, or even real-life combat medics working amid peril or airlifting the injured to safety. True, these trained professionals do brave war zones, but they also do much more.

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What is the future of family medicine?

Family medicine isn't just for kids and their parents. The idea is that a physician sticks with you from birth to death, treating your whole body throughout your whole life. And it's changing with the times.

How does a "bionic eye" allow blind people to see?

A company called Second Sight has received FDA approval to begin U.S. trials of a retinal implant system that gives blind people a limited degree of vision. Find out how the "bionic eye" will work.

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