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The ER is not a place anyone wishes to be. Learn how the ER works, common reasons people end up there and some of the bizarre procedures that have taken place.

10 Jobs that Will Likely Send You to the ER

The idea of visiting the emergency room during your workday probably isn't appealing. But if you've got one of these dangerous jobs, you can almost put money on it.

Marijuana Use in Colorado Sending More Visitors to ER Than Residents

Increasingly more Colorado visitors are going to the emergency room due to marijuana. Learn more in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

Are those 'ER Wait Time' billboards accurate?

You might have seen ER wait times on a billboard when waiting to be seen. But are those ER wait times accurate? Find out. See more »

Do ER doctors work for the hospital or for themselves?

An ER doctor can be out of your insurance network even though the hospital ER is in it. Find out why that is and if doctors work for hospitals or themselves. See more »

What's the busiest ER in the United States?

Some emergency rooms are busier than others. Find out where the busiest ER in the United States is to learn more. See more »

Can an emergency room refuse to treat you?

Can the ER refuse to treat you if don't have any money? Find out if the emergency room can refuse to treat you at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Why are visits to the emergency room so expensive?

Most ER bills are unbelievably expensive. Why is that? Find out why emergency room visits are so expensive at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Do ER doctors have different insurance rules?

Figuring out your health insurance when going to the ER isn't fun. Find out if ER doctors have different insurance rules to be prepared. See more »

Do people without primary care doctors go to the ER more?

There aren't as many primary care doctors these days. So do people without a primary care doctor go to the ER more? Find out. See more »

What constitutes a medical emergency?

We all know what to do in case of a medical emergency (get to the ER), but are you able to recognize a medical emergency when it happens? See more »

What happens if you go to the ER and don't have insurance?

You have to go to the ER, but you don't have health insurance. Does that matter? Find out what happens if you go to the ER without insurance. See more »