There are medications for just about anything, whether it's a headache or something more serious. Get informed about prescription and over-the-counter drugs and medicine.

Can antibiotics make you feel fatigued?

When you're sick, sleep is one of the best things you can do to get better. But when you're several days into your antibiotics and still dragging, what's the cause: your illness or its cure?

How long does it take gut flora to recover from antibiotics?

Antibiotics save lives. But broad-spectrum antibiotics can really do a number on the delicate ecosystem in your intestines -- and the recovery time may surprise you.

Is there a link between antibiotics and obesity?

The more we study obesity, the clearer it becomes that the condition is not always as simple as too many calories and not enough movement. There's a new area that researchers are studying to understand the causes of obesity: antibiotics.

Why do antibiotics make you sensitive to the sun?

Once you've gotten a sunburn during a course of antibiotics, you'll never forget the SPF again. But why would they lead to a burn in the first place?

Why do some antibiotics make your stomach upset?

Antibiotics are great at curing infections. But some are also great at upsetting your stomach and causing diarrhea. Which ones do we need to watch out for?

What are broad-spectrum antibiotics?

With some infections, it's hard to tell what may be causing your illness. And if it's serious, there's no time to wait for test results. Enter the broad-spectrum antibiotic -- and the problems it brings with it.

What happens if you miss a dose of antibiotics?

Humans tend to be forgetful when it comes to things that don't really interest us. Where did we put our keys? Did we take that last dose of antibiotics? We don't know about your keys, but we can help you with the penicillin question.

Do antibiotics interact with dairy?

Some medications are high-maintenance about what foods you pair them with. A commonly prescribed heart drug, for example, can't be with black licorice. There are also certain antibiotics that just don't go well with a glass of milk.

Should you take antibiotics and probiotics at the same time?

Some antibiotics are a little too good at cleansing your system. As in, you might find yourself literally running to the bathroom to deal with the side effects. Can probiotics solve the problem?

Is mixing antibiotics dangerous?

A study found that antibiotic prescriptions as we know them are no match for the replicative power of drug-resistant bacteria -- and that combining them can actually make things much worse.