Great psychologists include famous psychoanalysts like Freud and Jung as well as lesser known psychiatrists. Learn how great psychologists have contributed to our knowledge of psychology.
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Binet, Alfred

Binet, Alfred (1857-1911), a French experimental psychologist. The Binet-Simon Scale of Intelligence (1905, revised 1908 and 1911), by Binet and Theodore Simon, was the first successful standardized intelligence test.

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  • Freud, Sigmund

    Freud, Sigmund

    Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939), the Austrian physician who founded psychoanalysis. See more »

  • Binswanger, Ludwig

    Binswanger, Ludwig

    Binswanger, Ludwig (1881-1966), a Swiss psychiatrist, sought to understand people as total human beings. See more »

  • Carr, Harvey

    Carr, Harvey

    Carr, Harvey (1873-1954), an American psychologist and university administrator, had a profound influence in the field of American psychology. See more »

  • Cyril Burt

    Cyril Burt

    Burt, Cyril (1883-1971), a British psychologist, made important contributions in the areas of statistical analysis, intelligence testing, and juvenile delinquency. See more »

  • Donald Woods Winnicott

    Donald Woods Winnicott

    Winnicott, Donald Woods (1896-1971) was a British psychoanalyst and specialist in child development. See more »

  • Gordon W. Allport

    Gordon W. Allport

    Allport, Gordon W. (1897-1967) was an American psychologist known for his research in human personality. See more »

  • Kraepelin, Emil

    Kraepelin, Emil

    Kraepelin, Emil (1856-1926) was a German psychiatrist who pioneered investigation into the physical causes of mental illness. See more »

  • Laing, R. D.

    Laing, R. D.

    Laing, R. D. (1927-1989) was a Scottish psychiatrist whose work centered on schizophrenia and its causes. See more »

  • Melanie Klein

    Melanie Klein

    Klein, Melanie (1882-1960) was an Austrian-born psychoanalyst who pioneered the field of child psychoanalysis and devised some of the first techniques of play therapy. See more »

  • Rush, Benjamin

    Rush, Benjamin

    Rush, Benjamin (1745-1813), an American physician and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. See more »

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