Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a devastating mental illness. Learn about the causes, signs and treatments for eating disorders.

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Preference for a very limited range of food can be common in children. But when does it become a diagnosable affliction for adults?

By Jesslyn Shields

At what point does watching your weight go from healthy to obsessive? We give you five signs to look out for.

By Michael Franco

Diagnosing an eating disorder is the first step in getting treatment. Learn about the common symptoms of eating disorders and tests used for diagnosis.

By National Women's Health Resource Center


Eating disorders strike more than 7 million American women each year. See 10 important facts to learn more.

By National Women's Health Resource Center

Bridget is a young woman recovering from anorexia. Read her story and learn about her struggles in recovering from an eating disorder.

By writers

Do you know how to tell if you or a friend has an eating disorder? Take a look at the signs of anorexia and bulimia to learn more.

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