It is normal for people to occasionally experience anxiety, a feeling of uneasiness usually as a response to fear. But when anxiety takes over your life, it can take a toll on your health and happiness.

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The fear of long words is ironic, as the name is ridiculously long. What gives?

By Sharise Cunningham

Even though most people don't like getting shots, we can do it without much hesitation. But what if you have a debilitating fear of needles? How do you push past that to get critical medical care like the COVID-19 vaccine?

By Allison Troutner

Should we blame this on the movie 'Jaws'? Many people have a fear of the ocean and what lies beneath it. How can you cope with this?

By Alia Hoyt


Trypophobia is the fear — or more like disgust — of closely packed holes. But is it a real phobia and how can it be treated?

By Michelle Konstantinovsky

Public speaking can be debilitating for many people. What is it that causes so many of us to freeze up like a deer in headlights when it's time to talk in public?

By John Donovan

Some people are afraid of snakes or heights or plane crashes. For people with telephobia, a phone call is a big fat "no-can-do."

By Jesslyn Shields

There's even a scientific term for people with bathroom anxiety who devise strategies, find secret spots or just head home when going in public is too overwhelming.

By Laurie L. Dove


You're headed down in a packed elevator on your way to lunch. Suddenly, the elevator lurches to a stop. As the sweats starts beading on your upper lip, you wonder if it just got harder to breathe.

By John Perritano

Out of nowhere you feel absolute terror. Your heart races and you're frantic for your breath. Everything seems unreal. Are you losing your mind? No, you're having a panic attack.

By Jane McGrath

Anxiety disorders are serious illnesses that fill people's lives with overwhelming anxiety and fear. Check out this guide to anxiety disorders from HowStuffWorks.

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Many healthy people can identify with some of the symptoms of OCD, but for people with OCD, the simplest activities very distressing, and interfere with daily life. Check out common symptoms and effects of obsessive-compulsive disorder.