Autism is a complex developmental disorder, and in many ways it is still a mystery to modern physicians. Learn what research has discovered about the possible causes and effective treatments of autism.

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No one know what causes autism, and there's no single way to treat it, either. Up and coming is a strict diet free of gluten, casein and all manner of ingredients. Does the cure for autism lie in the gut?

By Shanna Freeman

Difficulties with communication and behavior fraught with repetitive or restrictive patterns are some of the symptoms shared by autism spectrum disorders. Learn about the different types of disorders here.

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Autism is caused by abnormalities that exist in the brain structures or functions. Take a look at autism brain studies and research to learn more about the causes of autism.

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Autism medications cannot reverse the underlying causes of the disorder, but have proven effective for treating the symptoms. Check out medications, symptoms, and tips for living with autism.

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Children with autism either don't speak, or have delayed language development and speak in unusual ways. Learn more about autism and language difficulties.

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Learn about autism symptoms, treatment, and other facts about autism in this article.

Autism is a condition that interferes with a child's ability to communicate and interact socially. And in recent years, the number of children diagnosed with this condition has been rising.

By Stephanie Watson


Headlines are announcing "TV Causes Autism" but that's not an accurate representation of what a recent Cornell study found.

By Julia Layton