Great psychologists include famous psychoanalysts like Freud and Jung as well as lesser known psychiatrists. Learn how great psychologists have contributed to our knowledge of psychology.
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Erikson, Erik H.

Erikson, Erik H. (Homburger) (1902-1994), a United States psychoanalyst. Erikson, considered one of the world's foremost psychoanalysts, conducted significant research on the various stages of psychological development.

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  • Eysenck, Hans

    Eysenck, Hans

    Eysenck, Hans (1916-1997) was a German-born British psychologist who criticized conventional psychotherapy. See more »

  • Freud, Anna

    Freud, Anna

    Freud, Anna (1895-1982), an Austrian-born British psychoanalyst. She was an authority on the teachings of her father, Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, and she also made important contributions to child psychology. See more »

  • Fromm, Erich

    Fromm, Erich

    Fromm, Erich (1900-1980), a German-American psychoanalyst and author. He applied psychoanalytic theory to problems of culture and society. See more »

  • Harlow, Harry Frederick

    Harlow, Harry Frederick

    Harlow, Harry Frederick (1905-1981) was an American psychologist. His studies of the social behavior of monkeys provided new understanding of human behavior and development. See more »

  • Horney, Karen

    Horney, Karen

    Horney, Karen (Danielsen) (1885-1952), a United States psychoanalyst. Disagreeing with Sigmund Freud's teachings, she held that anxiety and neurosis are caused by environmental and cultural factors in conflict with the individual's drive towards self-realization. See more »

  • Hull, Clark Leonard

    Hull, Clark Leonard

    Hull, Clark Leonard (1884-1952), an American psychologist, expressed psychological theory in mathematical terms. See more »

  • Jastrow, Joseph

    Jastrow, Joseph

    Jastrow, Joseph (1863-1944), a United States psychologist. He opposed the theory of psychoanalysis and ridiculed spiritualism and experiments in psychical research. See more »

  • Jones, Ernest

    Jones, Ernest

    Jones, Ernest (1879-1958), a British psychologist, was a pioneer in his field. See more »

  • Judd, Charles Hubbard

    Judd, Charles Hubbard

    Judd, Charles Hubbard (1873-1946), a United States educator and psychologist. See more »

  • Jung, Carl Gustav

    Jung, Carl Gustav

    Jung, Carl Gustav (1875-1961), a Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist. He founded analytical psychology after his association (1906-13) with Sigmund Freud in the development of psychoanalysis. See more »

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