Mental Disorders

From depression to schizophrenia, mental disorders vary greatly in severity and impact on daily life. Learn about the causes and treatments available for a variety of mental disorders.

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Mental Illness

Mental Illness, a prolonged disturbance of thought and emotion, marked by behavior not appropriate to reality.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Overview

If you have a friend who's obsessive about cleanliness or organization, you've probably jokingly described him or her as OCD. But obsessive-compulsive disorder is about more than just scrubbing and straightening.

Mental Disorder Pictures

Mental illness affects all kinds of people. With this image gallery, learn about mental illness and its associated problems along with famous people who have struggled with mental disorders.

Does everyone have claustrophobia?

Maybe you don't like anyone sitting right next to you on the train, but you wouldn't call yourself a claustrophobe. According to some theories, we might all have a touch of claustrophobia -- even if it takes undergoing an MRI scan to provoke it.

Bipolar Disorder Overview

One month you're so revved about life you give up sleep to enjoy it. The next, you're so depressed you can't get out of bed. Can bipolar disorder be treated?

How Kleptomania Works

Most shoplifters steal for personal use or resale, but kleptomaniacs are addicted to stealing. But is kleptomania a real mental disorder?

How Pyromania Works

So much about pyromania is a mystery. Why do pyromaniacs have uncontrollable urges to set fires? Is it the same thing as arson? And is it even a real disease?

Munchausen Overview

Being sick is something most people try to avoid. But some relish the thought of going to the doctor, undergoing tests -- even having painful surgery. Though they know they aren't really sick, people with Munchausen syndrome pretend to be ill because they're seeking attention and sympathy.

28 Phobias and Their Definitions

Did you know that ailurophobia is a fear of cats? If you're afraid of it, someone's probably made up a goofy name for your phobia. Read our list of 28 phobias and their definitions.

What Causes Stockholm Syndrome?

Natascha Kampusch on spending eight years in a cell beneath her captor's basement: "My youth was very different. But I was also spared a lot of things -- I did not start smoking or drinking ... hang out in bad company."

Cutting: The New-Age Anorexia?

Cutting is a disorder that appears to be epidemic in the United States. Learn more about this disorder with advice and guidance for families who are struggling with a loved one that suffers from cutting.

Treating a Self-Abusive Child

Children should be handled differently that adults especially when it comes to abusive types of behavior. Find out what you need to know when treating a self abusive child.

Quick Cure for Trauma Memories?

Devastating events can happen in an instant and be over in moments, but their effects can linger for years. Learn how to deal with traumatic events in this article.

Types of Mental Health Therapy

Are looking for a therapy to treat an illness? Discover the many types of therapies there are for helping cure a disease in this article.

What is mental health?

Our bodily health is so frequently looked at that sometimes our mental health is neglected. Learn more about mental health and what you can do to keep it as healthy as your body.

What Is a 'Nervous Breakdown'?

"Nervous breakdown" can mean many things. We often hear this term when someone is under a great deal of stress. What exactly does it mean? Learn about this mental condition in this article.

What is a 'nervous breakdown'?

"Nervous breakdown" can mean many things. We often hear this term when someone is under a great deal of stress. What exactly does it mean? Learn about this mental condition in this article.