Smoking Cessation

Since nicotine is addictive, smoking cessation is a difficult process, but quitting could save your life. Learn about the dangers of smoking and read about effective methods for smoking cessation.


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How does your body digest a cigarette?

Cigarettes are packed with ammonia, arsenic and turpentine. Take a deep drag. Those same substances clean toilets, kill rats and strip varnish from wood.

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against you. Cigarette makers have found more than one way to make your brain scream for another cig. And another. And another.

Is quitting smoking contagious?

Imagine you have to take cigarette breaks alone. Your old smoking buddies -- those quitters -- won't even hang out with you anymore. You can't believe it, but you just might have to quit too.

Americans Will Kick Butts on April 3

Begun in September 1995, Kick Butts Day has grown into an international observance of the health dangers of smoking. Learn how Kick Butts Day could help save millions of smokers' lives --including yours.

You Can Avoid Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking

Don't let the possibility of weight gain keep you from quitting smoking. You can prevent weight gain by taking a few easy precautions when you quit smoking.

Choose a Plan or Create Your Own to Quit Smoking

There are plenty of organizations that provide plans to quit smoking, but many successful former smokers devised plans of their own that may help you quit. Read other former smokers' stories of quitting to help put you on the road to success.

Conquering the Urge to Smoke

During the first hours and days, the urge to smoke can be enormous. Here, former smokers share the varied and ingenious tricks they used to conquer the urge to smoke.

Find Your Reason to Quit Smoking

Each person must find the reason that convinces him or her to quit. Here, former smokers share the inspirations that helped them to break the habit.

Identify and Conquer Your Smoking Triggers

Triggers, the circumstances or behaviors that prompt the urge to smoke, are powerful motivators to smoke. Read the stories of some former smokers who found that identifying and thwarting those triggers were keys to their success.

Mind Games to Help You Overcome the Psychological Addiction to Smoking

Smoking is both a physical and psychological addiction, and getting into the right frame of mind has been key to the success of many former smokers. Here they share some of the mind games that helped them to overcome this powerful dependence.

Nicotine: An Instrument of Death

Many peoples' lives are cut short by nicotine, an instrument of death, even though everyone knows by now that nicotine kills. Here are the cold, ugly facts about nicotine addiction.

Quit Smoking With a Partner

The 'buddy system' has helped many people quit smoking. Read the success stories of some former smokers who quit with a friend, who can offer encouragement and sometimes even a spirit of competition to help you get through.

Reward Yourself for Not Smoking!

Giving up smoking isn't about what you're giving up, but what you're gaining. Read the success stories of some former smokers who found that making that reward a bit more tangible helped them get through the difficult early days.

Smoking's Impact on Health Is Not Limited to Lung Cancer

Most smokers are aware of specific risks associated with smoking -- cancer, emphysema, bronchitis -- but smoking and health go hand-in-hand, since smoking impacts nearly all aspects of your health.

Stage Five: Maintaining a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle

Congratulations on getting through the first four stages of quitting smoking. Your goal now is to make this change permanent. Learn about maintaining a tobacco-free lifestyle after you've quit smoking.

Stage Four: Feeling Good About Not Using Tobacco

After the first three stages of quitting smoking, you're making progress toward a lifetime of freedom from tobacco. Learn how feeling good about not using tobacco will help you stick with your healthy lifestyle.

Stage One: Thinking About Being Tobacco-Free

Even if you're not ready to quit, reviewing this information will help you think about what it means to be tobacco-free. Thinking about being tobacco-free is the first stage of quitting smoking.

Stage Three: Preparing to Be Tobacco-Free

You've made the decision to quit smoking and you've pictured yourself being successful. Now it's time to learn and practice skills to help you stick with your goals of not using tobacco. Learn about preparing to be tobacco-free.

Stage Two: The Benefits of Being Tobacco-Free

Maybe you've thought about giving up tobacco but just never seem to get there. It might help to take small steps toward overcoming your habit. Learn about the benefits of being tobacco-free to motivate yourself to quit smoking.

Take the Steps to Stop Smoking: Getting Started

Congratulations on your decision to take steps to being tobacco-free. Here, find all the steps you'll need to make the journey to a new, healthier lifestyle without tobacco.

9 Tools to Help You Successfully Quit Smoking

There are nearly as many methods for quitting smoking as there are ex-smokers, but strategies that address both the physical and psychological addictions are the most likely to succeed. Learn about tools to help you successfully quit smoking.

Using Spiritual Strength to Quit Smoking

Many people have found strength to stop smoking by turning to spiritual sources. Read success stories from former smokers who found that using spiritual strength was the key to quitting smoking.

Women Have a Tougher Time Quitting Smoking But Greater Reasons to Keep Trying

Research shows that women who smoke are at higher risk for a number of serious health problems than those who don't. Learn why women have a tougher time quitting smoking despite the many reasons to quit.

How can I keep from smoking again?

Most ex-smokers who start smoking again do so within the first 3 months after they quit. Learn how to keep from smoking again by planning ahead and devising some strategies to avoid relapse.

How do I get ready to quit smoking?

Breaking an addiction such as smoking is not an easy task. Get tips on how to get ready to quit smoking and combine them with what you've learned from trying to quit in the past.