Environmental Health

Pollutants, toxic products and industry activities in the environment can impact your health. See what you need to know about environmental health concerns.

A new app analyzes air pollution and its equivalence to cigarette smoking.

Increasing scientific evidence shows that ultrafine particles are especially hazardous to health.

From libraries to used book stores, books get passed from hand to dirty hand. How safe are they to handle?

Does the sound of a leaf blower make you mad? There might be a physical reason for it.

Crabs exposed to Prozac are more careless in their foraging behavior, and more aggressive toward members of their own species.

New research shows that human-caused CO2 emissions could decrease the nutritional value of staples like rice and wheat. But there are ways we can prepare.

Hundreds of scientists and doctors are calling for stronger restrictions on antibacterial chemicals that show up in yoga mats, cosmetics, and even toothpaste.

The latest study on airport noise spotlights the potentially negative relationship between aircraft sounds and human health.

The icy spectacles are growing in many places, with the help of glacial melt and warmer summers.

What’s behind the mediocre grade, and who gave it?

And it concerns a proposed development that will, depending on whom you talk to, spoil one of the world's natural wonders or build a better future for the Navajo people.

Codenamed Project Iceworm, the facility has been abandoned since 1967, but melting ice could become a problem for the once secret base.

By 2020 some will say au revoir to disposable, single-use plastic goods. Will the rest of the world follow this trendsetting nation?

Most people don’t reuse their totes enough to have an environmental impact, survey says.

First Flint, Michigan. Now Sebring, Ohio. And the problem is only going to get worse. A lot worse.

As if the urban heat island effects of elevated temperatures and pollution weren't gifts enough, cities have discovered that pollution is belching back at them, too.

Yep, mealworms are happy to chow down on your polystyrene.

You spend one third of your life asleep. But you spend your entire life breathing. Learn more about these 10 common indoor air pollutants.

Some worry that the electromagnetic fields lead to cancer. Learn more about how electric cars and hybrids affect your health.

A few simple changes to your shopping routine can avoid potential risks. Learn more about avoiding BPA exposure from cash register receipts.