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Addiction can come in many shapes and sizes. Learn about the different types of addiction and how to help yourself or others.

How Sugar Addiction Works

Sugar addiction might not truly be an addiction, but there are ways you can be less dependent on it. Learn more about sugar addiction. See more »

Can body modifications be addictive?

Are people with tons of piercings and tattoos just enthusiasts, or could they actually be addicted to body modifications? Find out at HowStuffWorks. See more »

10 Myths About Addiction

Myths about addiction persist despite the facts. See 10 myths about addiction to learn more. See more »

Is fast food addictive?

Is fast food addictive? What's the science behind those cravings? Find out at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Addictive Disorders and Dependence

Addictive disorders affect the lives of millions of Americans. Read this guide about addictive disorders and dependence. See more »

10 Strange Addictions

What strange addiction are some people compelled to do? Learn about 10 strange addictions here. See more »

7 Ways Addiction is Diagnosed

Addiction is a very complex and sophisticated disease. Learn more about addiction and 7 ways doctors are able to diagnose the disease here. See more »

5 Signs of a Shopaholic

Shopaholics are different from those people who just love to shop. Are you one? Take a look at five signs of a shopaholic to learn more. See more »

Dealing with Addiction While Pregnant

Dealing with addiction while pregnant can be scary and challenging. However, you're not alone. Learn about dealing with addiction while pregnant. See more »

How do you know when someone is an addict?

It's not always easy to tell when someone you know and love is becoming a drug addict or alcoholic. Learn more about how you can know when someone is an addict in this article. See more »