Autism is a complex developmental disorder, and in many ways it is still a mystery to modern physicians. Learn what research has discovered about the possible causes and effective treatments of autism.

Unusual Abilities of People with Autism

Learn about unusual abilities, autism symptoms, treatment, and other facts about autism in this article.

Women With Autism Aren't Getting Diagnosed

But the Twitter hashtag #SheCantBeAutistic started by Guardian columnist Nicola Clark is trying to bring attention to the issue, one tweet at a time.

What causes autism?

Autism actually covers a range of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Find out what scientists are learning about the causes of autism in this article.

What are the common characteristics of autism?

Children with autism seem to be locked in their own world. Learn about the common characteristics of autism from this article.

What are some fun activities for autistic children?

Autistic children often have difficulty communicating and relating to others. Learn about some fun activities for autistic children in this article.

Autism Treatments

There are a variety of autism treatments available. Learn about the different kinds of autism treatments and get tips on choosing a treatment program.

What You Need to Know About Autism

Parents fear their children will develop this disorder. And scientists don't bring much comfort -- there's no known cause or cure. What do we know for sure about autism?

Expert Q & A: Autism
with Sheila J. Wagner, M.Ed

Is it true that early identification and therapy for autism can make a difference in how well a child copes with the disorder? Get the answer to this question and more with the help of this article.

What is the autism diet?

No one know what causes autism, and there's no single way to treat it, either. Up and coming is a strict diet free of gluten, casein and all manner of ingredients. Does the cure for autism lie in the gut?

Activities for Kids with Autism

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) can affect children's functionality in a wide variety of ways and levels of severity. Here are a few activities that may benefit kids with autism in the areas that are tough for them.

Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Difficulties with communication and behavior fraught with repetitive or restrictive patterns are some of the symptoms shared by autism spectrum disorders. Learn about the different types of disorders here.