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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a devastating mental illness. Learn about the causes, signs and treatments for eating disorders.

Bridget's Journey with Anorexia

Bridget is a young woman recovering from anorexia. Read her story and learn about her struggles in recovering from an eating disorder.

Picky Eating in Adults Is a Diagnosable Disorder — Really

Preference for a very limited range of food can be common in children. But when does it become a diagnosable affliction for adults? See more »

5 Signs of Weight Obsession

At what point does watching your weight go from healthy to obsessive? We give you five signs to look out for. See more »

What are the causes of eating disorders?

People with eating disorders develop them for different reasons. Learn about the causes of eating disorders in this article. See more »

What are signs of teen eating disorders?

Boys and girls can have different kinds of eating disorders. Learn about the signs of teen eating disorders in this article. See more »

Where can you find help if your teen has an eating disorder?

Bronchcoscopy is a procedure where a tube inserted into the trachea allows doctors to see inside your upper airways. Learn more about where you can get a bronchoscopy from this article. See more »

How do you conduct an eating disorder intervention?

Interventions require careful planning but they may be a good way to help someone with an eating disorder. Learn about conducting an eating disorder intervention in this article. See more »

Eating Disorders Q & A

Eating disorders can be confusing and painful. Take a look at these commonly asked questions to learn more for yourself or a loved one. See more »

Diagnosing Eating Disorders

Diagnosing an eating disorder is the first step in getting treatment. Learn about the common symptoms of eating disorders and tests used for diagnosis. See more »

About Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are devastating mental illnesses that affect millions of people. Get an overview of statistics, causes and more. See more »

Preventing Eating Disorders

Preventing eating disorders involves fostering a healthy self-image and respect for thoughts and feelings. See tips and advice for developing a healthy mind and body. See more »