Drugs and Alcohol

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Seattle Considers Creating Heroin Safe Zones

The city could become the only place in the U.S. to have safe zones where heroin addicts could use drugs under medical supervision.

Can Marijuana Enhance Athletic Performance?

Sure, pot can help with myriad medical problems, from nausea to inflammation, but could it also improve performance on the field?

Weed Enthusiast Arrested for Keeping Human Brain Under His Porch

What does the phenomenon of "smoking wet" have to do with why this guy hid a real human brain beneath his house?

Powdered Alcohol: Banned Before It's Even a Thing?

It's not yet on the market, but many states are turning their noses up at Palcohol, citing potential for underage drinking, snorting and sneaking.

Heavy, Persistent Marijuana Use Impairs Social Mobility and Economic Status

New research finds that although alcohol dependence is harder on your body, persistent marijuana use can cause more financial, socioeconomic troubles.

Does Marijuana Mess With Your Emotions?

The chuckling, happy-go-lucky stereotype of the marijuana user may soon be laid to rest.

Research Suggests E-Cig Flavorings May Lead to Irreversible 'Popcorn Lung'

Vaping with chemical flavors may expose users to diacetyl, a potentially dangerous chemical that can seriously damage the lungs.

Do the Combat Pills on ‘Jessica Jones’ Exist IRL?

The Netflix TV show has some folks wondering about drugs in the U.S. military.

Only Smoke When You Drink? You're Still a Smoker

Smokers aren't all two-pack-a-day types, but many of the people who have a cigarette here and there don't consider themselves smokers.

Twice As Many Americans Follow Marijuana Smoke 'Toward the Riff Filled Land'

Harold and Kumar have a lot more company these days.