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Practicing good stress management helps to reduce the harmful physical and mental effects that stress and anxiety can have on the body. Learn about effective methods for stress management.

Unlocking the Power of Meditation: Awareness

Meditation has a couple of stages that should be studied carefully if you are interested in this type of therapy. Take a look at how meditation can make you more aware both mentally and physically.

 Feeling Good About Yourself Every Day

Feeling good about yourself every day can be a struggle, but it is achievable. Learn more about feeling good about yourself every day from Discovery Health. See more »

 Nurturing Yourself: Caring for Others Begins With You

Caring for others begins with you, so don't put your family's health before your own. Learn how caring for others begins with yourself. See more »

 Endocrinologist Stafford Lightman: Chronic Stress Can Significantly Damage Health

Chronic stress can significantly damage health. Learn how chronic stress can significantly damage health at Discovery Health. See more »

 Perinatal Psychobiologist Vivette Glover: Our Earliest Experiences Influence Our Ability to Manage Stress

Our earliest experiences influence our ability to manage stress. Learn how your earliest experiences influence your ability to manage stress. See more »

 How Do You Spend Your Time?

How do you spend your time to promote health and wellness? Learn how to spend your time at Discovery Health. See more »

 Psychiatrist Charles Nemeroff, M.D.: Human Contact and Affection Are Powerful Stress Reducers

Human contact and affection are powerful stress reducers. Learn how human contact and affection are powerful stress reducers at Discovery Health. See more »

 Occupational Psychologist Cary Cooper: Lack of Control Impacts Stress Levels

Having a lack of control impacts stress levels and health. Learn how a lack of control impacts stress levels at Discovery Health. See more »

 You Can Overcome the Effects of Stress

Overcome the effects of stress to promote health and happiness. Learn how to overcome the effects of stress at Discovery Health. See more »

Think Your Life Is Stressful? See if You're Right

Think Your Life Is Stressful? See if You're Right

Stress assessment can help you learn how to deal with stress. Learn about stress assessment at Discovery Health. See more »

Working Round the Clock

 Working Round the Clock

Working round the clock can increase stress levels and impact health. Learn about working round the clock at Discovery Health. See more »