Drugs and Alcohol

Find information on alcohol and illegal drugs, caffeine and nicotine, and information on addiction.


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Weed Enthusiast Arrested for Keeping Human Brain Under His Porch

What does the phenomenon of "smoking wet" have to do with why this guy hid a real human brain beneath his house?

Powdered Alcohol: Banned Before It's Even a Thing?

It's not yet on the market, but many states are turning their noses up at Palcohol, citing potential for underage drinking, snorting and sneaking.

Does Marijuana Mess With Your Emotions?

The chuckling, happy-go-lucky stereotype of the marijuana user may soon be laid to rest.

Research Suggests E-Cig Flavorings May Lead to Irreversible 'Popcorn Lung'

Vaping with chemical flavors may expose users to diacetyl, a potentially dangerous chemical that can seriously damage the lungs.

Only Smoke When You Drink? You're Still a Smoker

Smokers aren't all two-pack-a-day types, but many of the people who have a cigarette here and there don't consider themselves smokers.

'Monster Science' Explores Carnivorous, Mind-control Shrooms

Our favorite fictional monster scientist explores the wonders and terrors of ... mushrooms.

Does alcohol affect creativity?

We can all name a great musician, writer or actor who's struggled with alcohol abuse. Just how linked are creative genius and a good cocktail?

Is there a link between alcohol and diabetes?

Diabetes is a lot of work. Everything that goes into your mouth has an effect on your blood sugar, including alcohol. And new research raises the possibility that alcohol does more than just aggravate type 2 diabetes – it might cause it.

What is the difference between binge drinking and alcoholism?

Some binge drinkers are alcoholics, and some alcoholics are binge drinkers, but the two don't totally overlap. And it's not just semantics -- understanding the differences between the two may help us with effective prevention.

Can alcohol cause anxiety?

Insomnia, upset stomach, sweating, fast heartbeat -- this is the day-to-day of someone with an anxiety disorder. A cocktail (or a beer or glass of wine) can affect anxiety in many ways, but some people think one is almost a side effect of the other.

How long does alcohol stay in your system?

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor, goes the saying. But do you really know your blood alcohol math? This is an equation where 1 + 1 comes out a little crazy.

What does alcohol proof mean?

Alcohol proof is always twice the alcohol percentage, right? Wrong. That depends on where on the globe you happen to be. And that's probably not the only thing you don't know about proof.

What's an alcohol vaporizer?

For some, drinking alcohol has become passé. The latest questionable device du jour? The alcohol vaporizer, which manufacturers claim gets you drunker faster -- with none of the bad side effects. Let's examine those claims.

What is the relationship between alcohol and gout?

Gout is far more terrible than it sounds. This form of arthritis that often attacks the big toe causes excruciating pain -- the kind that will make you do just about anything to make it stop. What does that mean for the beer in front of you?

Why do some antibiotics interact with alcohol?

If you're in bed with a bacterial infection, your misery might be alleviated by a hot toddy. But you can't drink while taking antibiotics, can you? Well, it depends on the drug. Some antibiotics just don't mix well with cocktails -- and here's why.

Can I get cancer from one cigarette?

A 2010 surgeon general's report about the dangers of smoking led to headlines warning "One Cigarette Can Kill You!" Should you take this claim with a grain of salt or start worrying about that cigarette you puffed at a party five years ago?

Why do some people get flushed when they drink?

It can be embarrassing, but it also may be a survival skill. Find out why some of us get red-faced while tying one on.

How does alcohol make you drunk?

At best, drinking alcohol can lower your inhibitions and relax you; at worst, it can be dangerous. Find out exactly how alcohol does what it does.

Coffee Makes You Smarter, Thinner, and Healthier

More than giving you a buzz, coffee is now proving what many of us claim that we've always known: coffee is good for you!

Medical Cannabis Cultivation Methods

The medical marijuana industry is growing into the mainstream, with millions of patients now eligible to use it to relieve the symptoms of their neurodegenerative disorders and chronic diseases. How can you cultivate it correctly and legally?

History of Medical Cannabis Use

People often joke about the supposed benefits of "medical" marijuana, but the controversial plant has a surprisingly long history of use for medicinal purposes. We'll get a whiff of cannabis' medical history in this article.

5 Common Uses of Medical Cannabis

Learn more about medical cannabis. Find out the five common symptoms that medical cannabis helps to relieve.

What are the different types of synthetic cannabis?

Learn more about the different types of synthetic cannabis and how these substances are being used to treat patients. Find out more about this form of alternative medicine.

5 Family Intervention Tips

If you know an addict who needs help, a family intervention might be their only hope. Get the tips you need to hold a successful one.

Could alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or street drugs be raising my blood pressure?

Drugs can sometimes have a negative effect on the body as it is trying to treat an illness. See what we uncovered about drugs and how they are related to high pressure.