Stress Management

Practicing good stress management helps to reduce the harmful physical and mental effects that stress and anxiety can have on the body. Learn about effective methods for stress management.


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Endocrinologist Stafford Lightman: Chronic Stress Can Significantly Damage Health

Stress is an extremely important protective mechanism for human beings, but chronic stress can significantly damage health. Learn how to manage your stress for the sake of your health.

Perinatal Psychobiologist Vivette Glover: Our Earliest Experiences Influence Our Ability to Manage Stress

Research shows that stress during pregnancy can affect the unborn child's response to stress later in life. Learn how our earliest experiences influence our ability to manage stress.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

Life can get hectic, schedules busy and to-do lists long. Where does your time go? And how can you set better priorities? Learn how to spend and manage your time.

Psychiatrist Charles Nemeroff, M.D.: Human Contact and Affection Are Powerful Stress Reducers

Human contact and affection can be powerful stress reducers. Learn how intimacy and affection can counter the harmful effects of stress.

Occupational Psychologist Cary Cooper: Lack of Control Impacts Stress Levels

When looking at the high level of stress among Americans today, Occupational Psychologist Cary Cooper suggests it may be the lack of control that impacts stress levels most. Learn how a lack of control can impact stress levels.

You Can Overcome the Effects of Stress

Stress can have major effects on your health, but there are steps you can take to help manage stress and avoid its dangers. Learn about strategies that can help you deal with the stress in your life and overcome the effects of stress.

Think Your Life Is Stressful? See if You're Right

This test helps you identify the sources and amount of stress you encounter in your life. Learn to assess and relieve the harmful effects of stress.

Working Round the Clock

Modern mothers have 12 fewer hours of free time each week than their mothers did. Learn how moms today are working around the clock and what they can do to reduce the stress that goes along with having a career and a family.

Create the Spa Experience at Home!

Nothing says relaxation like a day at the spa, but you can save time and money by creating a near-professional spa experience in your own home. Learn to create the spa experience at home to give yourself a little rest and relaxation.

Meet Your Audio Host, Darrin Zeer

A self-styled relaxation consultant and author, Darrin Zeer has traveled across the country and Canada encouraging people to stay calm, enjoy their work and be successful. Learn a few of Darrin Zeer's tips for managing stress in the workplace.

8 Ways to Beat Stress

How do we achieve relaxation, and how can we maintain it over time? Explore some of the ways that you can quiet your mind, melt away stress and approach relaxation of the body, mind and spirit.

How to De-stress Your Life

Stress is a normal part of life, and affects people differently, but it's clear that too much stress can overload our coping mechanisms and result in stress side effects. Learn how to de-stress your life to make you healthier and happier.

How to Get Started With Meditation

Believe it or not, daily meditation can have a great impact on your sense of calm, and it can have significant health benefits. Learn how to get started with meditation.

Increased Stress May Be Linked to Sleep Problems

Studies show that the quality and quantity of our sleep plays a significant role in our daily lives, affecting our moods, behaviors and actions. Learn how increased stress may be linked to sleep problems.

Modern Stress: An Ongoing Attack

Modern stress is often uncontrollable and constant, and it can have a detrimental effect on bodily systems, including brain function. Learn how modern stress is an ongoing attack on the body.

How do personality types impact people's responses to stress?

What's stressful to one person may be all in a day's work for another, depending on each person's perception of an event. Mental health professionals believe personality plays a significant role in how we perceive and respond to stress.

You Can Reduce the Effects of Stress

For many of us, stress is a part of our daily lives, but could it also contribute to our declining health or even lead to our death? Learn how to reduce the effects of stress to promote good health.

Relax at the Office? It's Easier Than You Think

Relaxing at the office is easier than you think. Learn the five golden rules to reduce stress in the workplace to help you get through the week, healthier and happier.

Relaxing Rituals for Busy People

The stress of the day can take its toll on your health and happiness, but with these tips, you can find some relaxation in your busy schedule. Learn about relaxing rituals for busy people to relieve stress.

The Same Responses That Once Helped Our Ancestors Can Hurt Us Today

At its most basic level, stress is a survival mechanism, an evolutionary adaptation to a world filled with life-threatening dangers. But while the body's responses to stress helped our ancestors survive, they may be doing us more harm than good.

Stress In the Workplace

Stress in the workplace is a major health concern for countless Americans, especially with the increase in downsizing and lay-offs, causing many to fear losing their jobs. Learn to reduce the harmful effects of stress in the workplace.

Taming Stress

Taming stress can help you manage stressful situations and reduce the negative health effects of stress. Learn about identifying and taming stress to increase productivity and benefit your health.

Ten Sure-fire Methods for Reducing Stress

Stress can help keep our bodies strong and minds alert, but chronic stress can have devastating effects. Learn ten sure-fire methods for reducing stress to benefit your health.

The Best Way to Breathe

Knowing the best way to breathe could be the key to relieving your stress. Learn about how breathing assists in relaxation and could benefit your health by reducing the harmful effects of stress.

The Strain of Stress

Many busy Americans feel the strain of stress on a daily basis -- whether in the workplace or at home. Learn to manage the strain of stress and reduce its harmful effects on your health.