Infectious Diseases

Bird flu, malaria, plague and West Nile virus are infectious diseases we've all heard of. Find information on these epidemics and more in this section.

What is the SARS conspiracy theory?

There are several SARS conspiracy theories, including the act of biological warfare by the United States. Learn more about the SARS conspiracy theory from this article.

Is the plane that transports Ebola patients completely safe?

Ebola patients transported out of Africa don't fly on regular commercial or private planes; they fly on jets modified and operated according to strict protocol.

Does Ebola affect people who are Rh-negative?

Some people believe being Rh-negative type makes them immune to viruses like Ebola. Let's get to the bottom of this theory.

5 Diseases That Don’t Spread the Way We Used to Think

The cause of bubonic plague was a mystery until the 1890s, but that's not the only disease we've been confused about over the years. Which other illnesses have we gotten wrong?

Will there be new STDs in the future?

Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia -- no one wants to hear those words from their doctor. Are these all we have to worry about, or are there other sexually transmitted horrors in the making?

10 Deadly Agents the CDC Works With

Modern medicine may be here, but there are still plenty of infectious diseases to combat, and the CDC is really busy doing that. Get to know 10 of these public (health) enemies.

5 Ways You Still Can't Get Ebola

You may not know how to pull on personal protection equipment like a health care pro, but we bet you've learned a lot about Ebola and its transmission since it hit the news. Or have you?

How Leper Colonies (Leprosaria) Work

Leprosy was the AIDS of the first millennium – a disfiguring disease that struck terror since people thought it was easy to contract. Patients were banished to live in colonies. What was life like there?

10 Diseases That Used to Be Death Sentences

Pneumonia and diarrhea used to be bigger killers, but nowadays, developed countries can successfully treat them. Which other diseases are no longer death sentences?

5 Germs You Really Can Get From a Toilet

No one thinks public toilets are altars of tidiness, but are they actually dangerous? The odds of catching something from a public bathroom are low -- but it's possible.

How Ebola Works

If you've seen the movie "Outbreak," you may think you know Ebola. You don't. For one, you don't necessarily die from this hemorrhagic fever. For another, people infected with it don't always wind up bleeding out of their various orifices.