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Infectious Diseases

Bird flu, malaria, plague and West Nile virus are infectious diseases we've all heard of. Find information on these epidemics and more in this section.

How MRSA Works

MRSA, also called the superbug, is a bacterium becoming resistant to antibiotics. Read about treating MRSA infections and how MRSA can be controlled.

In general, people are at their most contagious approximately three days after having been exposed to a virus. You can learn more about how a virus behaves in the body from this article. See more »

Flu season in North America usually begins in November and runs until March. Learn more about how the flu spreads from this article. See more »

Researchers developed a safe and effective SARS vaccine. Learn more about SARS vaccine from this article. See more »

SARS originated in the Guangdong province of China in 2002. Learn more about the origins of SARS from this article. See more »

During the SARS outbreak of 2003-2004, high risk areas included China, Taiwan and Canada. Learn more about the high risk SARS areas from this article. See more »

SARS causes a low white blood cell count. Learn more about how SARS affects white blood cells from this article. See more »

Top 10 Eradicable Diseases

There are few loftier goals than eradicating a disease. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, but, it's not for lack of trying. Read on to discover more about these efforts and learn about the top 10 eradicable diseases. See more »

How do infections go airborne?

There's a reason why the person hacking a lung up on public transportation is subject to such dirty looks -- he or she is subjecting the whole bus or train car to infection. But how do infections just hang in the air? See more »

5 Ways to Prevent Swine Flu

So you've heard all the hype about H1N1 and have no interest in being infected with a combination swine-avian-human influenza monster virus. What are the best ways to go about avoiding it? See more »

5 Myths About Swine Flu

When a subject dominates the news, you can be sure that everyone's got an opinion about it. Unfortunately, some of those opinions are bound to be based on pure misinformation -- so what do you have wrong about swine flu? See more »