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Cosmetic Treatments

From chemical peels to liposuction, there are cosmetic treatments available to fix or alter nearly any physical feature on your body. Learn about the plethora of cosmetic treatments and plastic surgeries being performed today.

Find a Botox Doctor

Looking for a Botox doctor you can trust? These organizations can direct you to board-certified physicians in your area who perform Botox injections, and they also can provide information on various procedures.

Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgeons use cutting edge medical developments to shape and sculpt humans into a perfection of form and fancy. See before-and-after shots of plastic surgery patients with these photos.

Getting Used to a New You (How to Emotionally Recover from Cosmetic Surgery)

We're all beautiful in our own ways, but let's face facts: Most of us weren't blessed with runway-model looks. Plastic surgery has given us a way to fix what we don't like about ourselves, but few can prepare themselves for its emotional toll.

5 Most Common Cosmetic Surgeries

It's expensive, invasive and sometimes risky, but Americans are more than willing pay for cosmetic surgery, to the tune of more than $10 billion in 2010 alone.

Lifestyle Lift: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about plastic surgery? Get the answers to your questions and more in this Q&A format from lifestyle lift.

Smart Liposuction Overview

If you'd like to lose your love handles but don't want to risk surgery, smart liposuction is a new alternative. The procedure uses a laser to melt fat cells.

Are breast implants linked to suicide?

There are many known risks that go along with breast augmentation surgery, but here's a new one -- there may be a link between breast implants and suicide.

Contact Lenses

Sometimes people who need vision correction don't want to wear glasses. Contact lenses offer a virtually invisible solution. Learn how contact lenses correct sight and find out how to wear them safely.

Plastic surgery can be used to fix physical features of the body but you should be aware about what it can't cure. Find out the truth behind plastic surgery in this article.

One of the most controversial procedures, human face transplants offer people who have been severely disfigured the chance at a new, more normal face. Learn about the benefits, risks and controversies associated with face transplantation.

Liposuction 101

Liposuction is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in America. Can we all just have our fat sucked out and say goodbye to diet and exercise?