Body Systems

Your body is pretty amazing. At any given point you have many biological processes going on -- circulatory, digestive, brain & central nervous systems and more. Learn about these body systems as well as the eye, ears, nose and throat.

Picking your nose isn't something we do in public. And chowing down on what we find in there isn't just frowned upon -- it's pretty gross. But what happens if you do eat your own boogers? Is it dangerous? Or can it actually be good for you?

When you have a cold or allergies, your life revolves around tissues. Your nose feels like a nonstop spigot of mucus (not your best look, by the way). Why do you constantly have to blow your nose -- and what's going on in your schnozz when you do?

Have you ever seen something so gross it made you want to puke? Or actually puke? Your caveman brain might be trying to protect you. Find out why nasty things make our stomachs churn.

You're trapped in a quiet place and you feel a sneeze coming on. You try desperately to remember how to stop a sneeze, but it's too late -- ACHOO! Next time, try tickling the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Really!

Kids are pretty cute, right? Maybe not so much if you've ever watched one pick his nose and eat a booger — that chubby finger emerging with a treasure, quickly inspected and (ewww) shoved right into his mouth. Why do they do this?

Are you getting too up close and personal with your TV? Your eyes might think so.

If someone told you that oodles of arachnids are jumping (and mating) all over your eyelashes, you might be inclined to laugh it off. That sounds more like a scene from a horror movie than a scientific reality, right? Right?

You probably don't give much thought to eye boogers, except maybe when you wipe them away. But you're about to learn a lot more about them (and while you're reading, you'll probably check your eyes for crud a few times).

The average person passes a good amount of gas — in the form of burps and farts — every day. Some foods, as you're surely aware, can increase this amount quite a bit. Why do some foods cause more internal turbulence than others?

The Big Bad Wolf told Little Red Riding Hood that his enormous ears made him hear better, but is that really true? Find out if size really does matter when it comes to ears and hearing.

Flatulence is funny, but there's actually some pretty interesting stuff going on in your body to cause it. After reading these 10 facts, you may never look at airplane travel the same way.

Contact lenses have been correcting vision for more than a century, but lenses today can make you look like a cat, monitor your blood sugar and maybe even make you a better athlete.

Learn to recognize the symptoms of a concussion and what causes them. Worried that your child has a concussion? Learn the symptoms of a concussion and how to treat it.

Are aviators or wayfarer sunglasses the best for your face? Whether you have a round- or square-shaped face, find the best frames for you!

Avoid bloating this bathing suit season by taking these bloating tips to heart and looking great in your slimmest bathing suit!

How smart are you? Take this quick brain test to peek inside the power of your brain.

Sometimes people choose not to eat for religious, political or health reasons. It's called fasting, and it's been popular for thousands of years. What effects does fasting have on the body? Is it safe?

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