Cold and Flu

Cold and flu can be extremely contagious and are usually more common at certain times of the year. Learn about the differences between the common cold and the flu, as well as symptoms and effective treatment methods.

Info for Parents and Parents to be

The best way to prevent seasonal flu is by getting a seasonal flu vaccination each year. Check out facts, tips, and preventative information about the cold and flu.

Will going out with wet hair really give you a cold?

"Don't go outside with a wet head or you'll catch your death of cold!" It's a warning that's been passed from one generation of parents to the next. But is it a warning worth heeding?

How do you know if you have swine flu or seasonal flu?

During flu season, there's danger everywhere you look: the kindergartener wiping her nose, your sneezing seatmate on the plane, the co-worker who's hacking up a lung. Is your impending case of sniffles swine flu?

Should you really starve a fever?

If you have a fever, is the only prescription more cowbell, as SNL would have you believe? Or does the solution lie in fasting, as an old adage says? Put a cold washcloth on that burning forehead and find out.

Should you really feed a cold?

When your mom spooned you chicken noodle soup to help you get over a cold, she was on to something. Why is it a good idea to eat when you have a cold, and what kinds of foods bring you back to health?

Ignoring symptoms of an illness can be dangerous in many cases. Check out this list of symptoms and what they typically signal.

When are colds and the flu the most contagious?

Many of us understand that we're most contagious before we start feeling sick. Find out when colds and the flu are most easily spread.

The flu is one of life's aggravations that we're forced to endure with from time to time. Learn more about the flu and how you can mitigate your exposure to this illness.

The History of Bird Flu

Bird flu has swept into mainstream media recently for its many outbreaks that have been recorded. Find out what you need to know about this infectious type of flu.

History of Influenza

Thanks to advances in research and medicine, we no longer have to worry about influenza have the same devastating effects as it did in the 1900s . Check out facts and history about influenza.

If you are looking for advanced treatment or protection against the flu, you might consider getting the pneumococcal vaccine. Check out facts, tips, and preventative information about the pneumococcal vaccine.