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Cold & Flu

Cold and flu can be extremely contagious and are usually more common at certain times of the year. Learn about the differences between the common cold and the flu, as well as symptoms and effective treatment methods.

How to Stop Coughing

You can get rid of a persistent cough without medication. Learn about how to stop coughing in this article.

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The Flu Shot: Powerful Protection...If You Can Get It!

The flu shot is a powerful form of protection if you get it. Learn all about the powerful effects of the flu shot from Discovery Health. See more »

There are many simple ways to prevent and treat colds and the flu. Get great tips for treating the flu from Discovery Health. See more »

Should I get a flu shot?

You should get a flu shot to help protect against severe flu or viruses. Learn more about getting the flu shot from Discovery Health. See more »

Ways to Avoid the Flu

These 10 ways to avoid the flu will help you arm yourself with tips about flu prevention. Get information about prevention from Discovery Health. See more »

Know what you can do to fight the flu. Get great tips on fighting the flu in this article from Discovery Health. See more »

When to Call the Doctor: Symptoms of Potentially Dangerous Complications

Symptoms of potentially dangerous complications should always be reported your doctor. Learn when to call about the flu from Discovery Health. See more »

The ABC's of the Flu Virus

Getting the ABC's of the flu virus will help prepare for future threats. Learn more about the basics of the flu virus from Discovery Health. See more »

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The Common Cold: An Inside Look

Don't let the common cold get you down. Build your cold and flu defense by with these great facts and tips from HowStuffWorks. See more »