There are many approaches and countless factors that make up a persons overall wellness. HowStuffWorks has extensive coverage on the different types of natural medicine such as DIY remedies and traditional Chinese medicine.

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Women 25 to 40 should invest some time in their health to ensure that they feel and look great. Learn about health issues for women ages 25 to 40 so you can take charge of your health.

By National Women's Health Resource Center

For many women ages 40 to 55, hormonal changes can make midlife less than 'prime time.' Learn about menopause and other health issues for women ages 40 to 55.

Women face unique health issues beginning at age 50 and throughout the rest of their lives. Learn about health issues for women ages 50 and older.


Mother-daughter bonding can start at an early age. Learn how mother-daughter relationships form and how you can improve yours.

By DiscoveryHealth.com writers

Keeping a journal is a great way to explore your deepest thoughts and feeling. Learn about self-discovery through journaling.

It's not just an unhealthy pastime -- shopping can double as therapy. Learn what research shows about shopping as a therapeutic activity.

Testosterone is the most celebrated, feared and misunderstood of all hormones. Learn about major scientific breakthroughs in researching the uses and functions of testosterone.

By DiscoveryHealth.com writers


Despite the beginning of perimenopausal symptoms, actual menopause may still be five, eight or even 10 years away. See these common symptoms to see if you are there yet.

By Katie Lambert

Most people know that women go through menopause, but some experts say that a man's midlife crisis may be their own male menopause -- also known as 'andropause.'

By DiscoveryHealth.com writers

Weight lifting is a form of exercise that stretches and strengthens the body using weights. Learn how weight lifting can help with weight control.

By DiscoveryHealth.com writers

Are routine checkups for men really necessary? Find out what men should know about preventive health.

By DiscoveryHealth.com writers


If your aim is to be lively and robust in your 80s and 90s, you'll need to learn some anti-aging secrets that focus on the mind, body and spirit. These 10 anti-aging techniques will help you stay and feel young as you age.

By DiscoveryHealth.com writers & Kevin P. Allen

Think the "hair of the dog that bit you" is your road to salvation? Think again! There is some complicated chemistry going on in the body when you overimbibe.

By Lacy Perry

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a major health concern for women. Learn the answers to common questions about polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) centers on lifestyle modifications and medication. Learn about effective treatment methods for polycystic ovarian syndrome.


Over the course of a lifetime, 75 percent of all women are likely to have at least one yeast infection. Read these facts to know about yeast infections to learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments of this common condition.

You've probably heard the hype: Antioxidants can make you look and feel younger! Some hopeful folks even believe antioxidants will lower the threat of disease. Can there be any truth to this? Learn what an antioxidant actually is.

By Robin Brett Parnes

Acupressure utilizes traditional medicinal rules about pressure points. How can pressing one part of the body alleviate pain somewhere else?

St. John's wort and its effectiveness have been under consistent scrutiny. Many people have heard of the drug, but aren't sure what it is -- find out what's in it, what it's used for and what its side effects are.


The menstrual cycle is the female reproductive cycle that makes eggs available for fertilization. Learn about the different phases of menstruation.

By Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D.

"Healthy" chocolate cereals aren't being marketed to the kids you might expect. Why are grown-ups the big new target market for desperate cereal companies?

By Sarah Gleim

Claims for St. John's Wort include help with depression and smoking cessation. Can this plant really do all that?

Daily calorie needs vary significantly from person to person. Learn how to calculate the number that’s right for your body.


Many people take a multi-vitamin each day, but most people don't know much about them. What is the difference between vitamin A and vitamin C, for example? If you don't get enough vitamins, what happens? Learn all about vitamins.

I recently bought a carton of eggs that claimed, "These eggs are high in Vitamin E, contain 100 mg of Omega 3, and have 25% less saturated fat than regular eggs." How can you get chickens to lay these special eggs?