From minor tension headaches to severe migraines, the articles in this section explain what's behind your headache and how it can be effectively -- and safely -- treated.

Could alcohol cause my headaches?

Different types of alcohol could potentially trigger cluster headaches. Learn about facts, common causes, treatment for headaches.

Food and Headaches

Can headaches be triggered by certain foods or drinks? Learn more about the common triggers of headaches and what you can do minimize your exposure to them.

Medication and Rebound Headaches

Have you ever taken a medication for a headache and then hours later the pain came back? Discover how some medications can only mask the pain and not really treat it in this article.

If you suffer from migraines and are looking to treat them, then take a look at how triptans can help alleviate the symptoms associated with this common illness.

Is there a relationship between women and headaches? Learn more about this unique correlation between this common ailment and women.

What medicine should you reach for if you are unsatisfied with conventional medicine? Learn more about medicine therapies that can treat severe headaches in this article.

Heart disease can be caused by numerous variables both inside and outside the body. Learn more about heart disease and the nutritional remedies that can help fight this type of illness.

Making use of headache support resources is a great way to get help for dealing with and treating your headache pain. Learn about facts headaches and support organizations.

These 10 tips can help you avoid headaches. Learn more about avoiding headaches in this article.

Your headache could be a tension headache. Learn more about tension headache treatment in this article, plus get facts, common causes, and treatment for headaches.

If you suffer from migraines and other major headache types, you probably know that certain triggers can start a bout of migraines. Learn about facts, common causes, treatment for headaches.