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From minor tension headaches to severe migraines, the articles in this section explain what's behind your headache and how it can be effectively -- and safely -- treated.

Headaches Don't Have to Rule Your Life

These 10 tips can help you avoid headaches. Learn more about avoiding headaches in this article.

Hangover Headaches

Hangover headaches can be avoided with these helpful tips. Learn more about hangover headaches from HowStuffWorks. See more »

When to See a Doctor for Your Headaches

Knowing when to see your doctor about headaches can prevent unnecessary visits. Learn when to see your doctor from Discovery Health. Learn about facts, common causes, and treatment for headaches. See more »

Why do we get headaches?

Why do we get headaches?

Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints, but why do we get them? Find out what causes headaches and what the types of headaches are. See more »

What causes an ice cream headache?

What causes an ice cream headache?

Ice cream headaches are caused by a constriction of blood vessels in the roof of your mouth. Learn about ice cream headaches. See more »

What do I need to know about alternative and complementary headache therapies?

Alternative and complementary therapies are nontraditional forms of headache treatments. Get facts about alternative therapies from Discovery Health. See more »

Are alternative or complementary headache therapies for me?

Headaches can make simple every day task seem impossible. Learn more about headaches in the article from Discovery Health. See more »

Are headache medications for me?

Medications are generally the first form of headache treatment recommended by doctors. Learn more about medications from Discovery health. See more »

Blood Tests for Diagnosing Headaches

Blood tests can help doctors pinpoint the cause of severe headaches. Learn about the different types of blood tests in this article from Discovery Health. See more »

Can changing my lifestyle help my headaches?

Changing your lifestyle can help you gain control of your headache pain. Learn how to live better and manage your headache with tips from Discovery Health. See more »

Could alcohol cause my headaches?

Cluster headache pain can be triggered by alcohol. Learn more about cluster headaches and alcohol from Discovery Health. See more »