Musculoskeletal conditions affect the movement of the body through the muscles, joints, ligaments or bones. Learn about common ailments here.
Do you know the most commonly broken bones?

IT Band Pain

The IT band is commonly problematic in people who run or bike and is especially susceptible to injury when an exercise program is progressed or altered too quickly. Learn about the symptoms and treatment of IT band pain.

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  • Foot Injuries

    Foot Injuries

    Feet are among the most complex and hardest-working body parts we have--no wonder they get injured every now and then. Learn how to ease, treat, or even avoid, the pain of blisters, gout, ankle sprains, fallen arches, and other ailments in your feet. See more »

  • Can kids with cerebral palsy still play outside?

    Can kids with cerebral palsy still play outside?

    Approximately 800,000 Americans have cerebral palsy. Learn more about whether kids with CP are able to play outside from this article. See more »

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a nagging disorder presenting discomfort and numbness. Though it can be fixed through surgery, other factors can help prevent its onset and lessen its severity. Learn about treating carpal tunnel syndrome. See more »

  • Conquering Common Knee Injuries

    Conquering Common Knee Injuries

    Knee injuries are common in rigorous activities but they can also occur with less strenuous activity as you age and the cartilage weakens. Learn more about knee injuries and what you can do prevent them. See more »

  • Flat Feet

    Flat Feet

    Flat feet don't always mean a life sentence of pain from the waist down. Learn about some of the common contributors to flat feet and whether they are the cause of discomfort or the result of poor conditioning. See more »

  • Focus on Fibromyalgia

    Focus on Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is defined as pain that distributes throughout the body and affects many muscles. Learn about common trigger points and get tips on finding balance to combat fibromyalgia. See more »

  • Frozen Shoulder

    Frozen Shoulder

    A frozen shoulder is a stiffening, or loss of elasticity, of the ligaments that attach the upper arm bone to the shoulder bone, prohibiting movement of the joint. Learn about the causes of frozen shoulder and what you can do to thaw it out. See more »

  • Function of the Shoulder Blades

    Function of the Shoulder Blades

    The shoulder blade provides the foundation for proper shoulder joint function and shoulder health. Learn about the purpose of the shoulder blades and find out what problems can prohibit proper function. See more »

  • Gait Analysis

    Gait Analysis

    Is recurring injury bringing your running to a halt? A gait analysis by an expert physical therapist or certified athletic trainer can pinpoint possible causes of injury (or reinjury). See more »

  • Maintaining Rotator Cuff Health

    Maintaining Rotator Cuff Health

    The group of muscles in the rotator cuff are particularly complex. Learn how to care for your rotator cuff and prevent injury for optimal shoulder rotation. See more »

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