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Coping with stressful situations or bad news can be difficult, but it is essential for maintaining your mental health. Learn about coping and managing emotional stress.

A Widower Recounts the Loss of His Wife From Leukemia

Learn one widower's story of coping with the death of a loved one in this article.

How Medically Assisted Suicide Works

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Learned Optimism Yields Health Benefits

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How to Confront Your Mom About an Obsession

Think your mom may have obsessive behavior? Learn how to bring up the issue and begin the coping process. See more »

Overcoming a Traumatic Experience

Overcoming a traumatic experience is possible with time and proper support and tools. Learn more about overcoming a traumatic experience. See more »

5 Ways to Help Someone Being Abused

Helping someone who is being abused can be the ultimate test of friendship. See five ways to help someone being abused to learn more. See more »

5 Crisis Intervention Strategies

These crisis intervention strategies can help you or someone you know heal from traumatic events. See five crisis intervention strategies to learn more. See more »

How can you help a child who has lost a parent?

When a child loses a parent, he needs reassurance, attention, routines and rules, and a safe place to talk about his fears. Learn how you can help a child who has lost a parent in this article See more »

5 Tips for Changing the Way You Think

How do you change the way you think? Are you feeling like you are in a rut? Take a look at these five tips on how to change the way you think. See more »

5 Tips for Conscious Living

Conscious living is how many of us want to live. So how do we get there? See these five tips for conscious living to get started. See more »

What are enneagram personality types?

There are nine enneagram personality types. Do you know which type you are? Explore the enneagram personality types to find out. See more »