There are many approaches and countless factors that make up a persons overall wellness. HowStuffWorks has extensive coverage on the different types of natural medicine such as DIY remedies and traditional Chinese medicine.
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10 Most Absurd Fad Diets

People will go to crazy extremes to try to get slim. Would you ingest a parasite to fit into your skinny jeans?


You know the cliché: Men sweat, but women perspire. You've seen both men and women sweating at the gym and know the cliché's true. But a sweat gland is a sweat gland -- whether it's from a male or female body. So why do men sweat more than women?

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Beth Terry has been trying to live a plastic-free life for years now, and just when she gets used to her latest lifestyle adaptation—a hidden source of plastic waste or toxin she didn't know about—a new one pops up.

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