Asthma can be a debilitating condition, and a number of factors can trigger an attack. Fortunately, there are treatments available to help those with asthma lead relatively normal lives.
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Managing Asthma

Managing asthma can help keep asthma symptoms under control. Learn more about what you can do manage your asthma so that you can live a healthier and active life.

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  • Allergy-Asthma Connection

    Allergy-Asthma Connection

    The allergy and asthma connection is a well known medical relationship that affects many people. Learn more about how allergies and asthma are connected and what you can do to manage their symptoms. See more »

  • Alternative Treatments for Asthma

    Alternative Treatments for Asthma

    Alternative treatments for asthma can be effective in treating this condition. Learn more about what alternative treatments you can use to manage the effects of this ailment. See more »

  • Asthma


    Asthma is a common condition that affects the respiratory system which can be a dangerous recipe if not treated correctly. Learn more about asthma, its symptoms and how it can be healed with medicines. See more »

  • Asthma Action Plan

    Asthma Action Plan

    An asthma action plan is important to have in case of an emergency. Learn more about how you can develop an asthma action plan and how you can implement it when an asthma attack occurs. See more »

  • Asthma and the Doctor Visit

    Asthma and the Doctor Visit

    If you suffer from asthma an asthma exam is an important test to get on a regular basis. Learn more about what this test can reveal and how it can help cure or manage your asthma symptoms. See more »

  • Asthma Attack

    Asthma Attack

    An asthma attack can be a frightening experience for anyone. Discover what causes an asthma attack and what you can do if you or someone near you starts having an asthma attack. See more »

  • Asthma Diet

    Asthma Diet

    Sometimes a simple change to your diet can have a rewarding affect when treating an ailment. Learn more about how a diet geared toward managing the symptoms associated with asthma can help in the treatment process. See more »

  • Asthma Emergency

    Asthma Emergency

    An asthma emergency is one that you should be prepared for whether you suffer from asthma or not. Learn more about what you need to know about an asthma crisis in this article. See more »

  • Asthma Inhalers

    Asthma Inhalers

    If an asthma attack begins to occur one of the best tools to have is an asthma inhaler. Learn more about these smart little devices and how they can help an individual during an asthma attack. See more »

  • Asthma Medications

    Asthma Medications

    Asthma medications are commonly taken by those that suffer from asthma to help manage the symptoms that are linked to this condition. Learn more about the medications that can be used to treat asthma. See more »

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