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Understand diabetes and how your body uses insulin to handle glucose. You'll also find information about the impact of diabetes on other systems in the body.

How to Adjust to Life With Diabetes

Diabetes impacts every aspect of life from food preparation to travel. It affects personal interactions and it can impact work situations. Fitting diabetes into a life full of other responsibilities requires compromise. Learn how to adjust to life with diabetes.

20 Exercise Safety Tips for Diabetics

Exercise can improve your health and your outlook on life. Check out these exercise safety tips for diabetics.

People with diabetes can develop many different foot problems. Even ordinary problems can get worse and lead to serious complications. Learn more about diabetes and its relationship to foot problems.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is very common among persons age 65 and older, particularly among racial and ethnic minorities, and it is on the rise. Learn more about this disease in this informative article.

Do you suffer from diabetes and want to learn more about the disease and common side effects? Check out this article on diabetes and its relationship to hemochromatosis.

Stress results when something causes your body to behave as if it were under attack. Learn more about stress and how it can effect your body and mind in this article.

Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome, or HHNS, is a serious condition most frequently seen in older persons. Learn more about this disease in this article.

People who suffering from diabetes have to make changes in their diet to help manage the disease. Check out this guide to meal planning if you or someone you know has diabetes.

Can office romances really work? Get the facts about office romances in this article.

Are interested in learning more about diabetes and some of the common side effects? Take a look at this Q&A session that has some revealing answers.

Millions of people are "e-dating" in the hopes of finding that perfect someone. Learn more about this movement and discover the risks and rewards of engaging in this kind of dating.