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Death & Dying

Death is an inevitable fact of life. Learn about life expectancy, the different ways to die, in this section.

Is there a worst way to die?

How does it feel to die? Is there a worst way, or is it totally subjective? What factors make some ways of dying so much grislier than others?

Odds of Death: A Numbers Game

What are the odds of being struck by lightning? How many people die in car accidents every year? Find out the odds of some common and some unusual death scenarios.

Can you die of a broken heart?

When a long-time spouse dies, it isn't that uncommon for potentially life-threatening health problems to arise in his or her partner soon afterward, or for chronic conditions to take a grave turn. Could broken hearts be to blame?

5 Worst Places to Be in a Thunderstorm

Planning on hitting golf balls from a small boat under a tree? Probably not after reading this article. But do you know the worst place to be in a thunderstorm?

10 Potential Death Traps Lurking in Your Home

Home is where the heart is, but it can also be where hazards lurk. To make certain your house is not just a home, but a "safe" home, you must beware of potential dangers.

10 Most Dangerous Items in the Office

Just because you don't wrestle alligators or fight bad guys for a living doesn't mean your workplace is safe. Here are 10 of the most dangerous items in an office.

Death by Invention: 5 Inventors who Died by Their Own Work

Dedicated, driven and ambitious are words to describe most inventors. So, is it fate or irony that led these five to die by the hands of their own work?

5 Most Dangerous Contests

Danger is all around you. Some run from it, while others embrace risk and potential peril, welcoming it into their lives in the form of a game.

5 Unusual Aquatic Deaths

Water is "the stuff of life," but it can also kill in crazy ways. Check out these five real-life stories with unfortunate endings.

Top 5 Common Causes of Death for People Over 300 Pounds

You might not notice when a few extra pounds creep onto your waistline, but those pounds can accumulate quickly. Gain too much, and you're risking a slew of illnesses, and even death.

Is there life after death?

At one time or another, each of us has pondered what will happen to us after our physical bodies perish. So what's the verdict? Is there an afterlife?