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Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions can affect the brain, eyes or nervous system. Explore amnesia, Alzheimer's, comas and more.

How to Deal With Motion Sickness

Oh that queasy feeling, when the world just won't stop swaying or bobbing. No matter what the mode of transport, the result can be motion sickness. Learn tips to help avoid this uncomfortable state.

People With Cotard's Delusion Are Convinced They're Already Dead

The delusion, also called "walking corpse syndrome," causes people to feel like they don't exist, are putrefying or missing body parts.

How Stuttering Works

Stuttering is linked to a disconnection between language processing and motor function, but its true cause is still unknown.

How Foreign Accent Syndrome Works

Are patients actually developing a foreign accent, or has something else gone haywire?

How Motion Sickness Works

If you felt slightly ill after watching "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in 3-D, you weren't alone. Although motion sickness is very common, scientists don't really know why we get it.

How Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Works

A degenerative neurological disease resembling Alzheimer's, chronic traumatic encephalopathy can result from years of head injuries, large and small.

Totally Tone-deaf? The Problem Is in Your Brain, Not Your Ears

Yep, a congenital condition called amusia ensures that about 4 percent of the population won't recognize or enjoy Adele's latest — or any other music.

Reversing Paralysis Without Surgery? New Research Shows Promise

A nonsurgical electrical stimulation development can reawaken nerve connections in paralysis patients, and enable them to regain some movement.

5 Rare Neurological Conditions

Conditions such as Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy are familiar to most people. But what do you know about pheochromocytomas? Or ataxia? We're covering five lesser-known neurological conditions.

What exactly is amnesia?

My brother and I were watching a television show and a character got bonked really hard on the head. All of a sudden the guy couldn't remember a thing -- not his name, where he lived or even the lady he was married to. What happened? Is this amnesia?

What is cerebral edema?

Cerebral edema is a condition where the brain's water content increases, causing the pressure inside the skull to rise. Learn more about cerebral edema from this article.