Smoking Cessation

Since nicotine is addictive, smoking cessation is a difficult process, but quitting could save your life. Learn about the dangers of smoking and read about effective methods for smoking cessation.

How should I quit?

There are many ways to stop smoking, from quitting all at once to using nicotine replacements to joining a support group. You should choose to quit smoking using the method that you are most comfortable with. Learn a few suggestions of ways to quit.

Quit Smoking. Period.

Women looking to stop smoking may have more success if they time it with their cycle, a small, new study suggests.

FDA Extends Tobacco Regulations to Cover E-Cigarettes, Hookahs and More

This largest expansion of federal authority beyond cigarettes defines "tobacco products" to include vaping and paraphernalia, bans sales to those under 18.

Hookah Smoking Delivers Way, Way, Way More Toxins than Cigarettes

Hookah lounges may be a super-chill spot to gather with friends, but a hookah-smoking session delivers more of a puff-for-puff punch than cigarettes.

Bacterial Enzymes Join the Campaign to Stop Smoking

One of the latest potential tools for stopping smoking comes from the same fields where tobacco grows.

10 Things You Didn't Know About the History of Smoking

The history of smoking is, in many respects, driven by adventure, greed and friendship. But more than anything, it's driven by addiction. So what are some of the lesser-known facts about smoking's rich and varied history?

10 Organizations That Want to Help You Quit Smoking

Some say it's as hard to quit smoking as it is to kick a heroin habit, so it's no surprise that there are numerous products and services dedicated to helping smokers quit. What are some of the top organizations that can help you kick the habit?

When did humans start smoking, anyway?

Whether they believe that tobacco has healing powers or they simply enjoy the calming feel of a cigarette, people have been smoking for many years. But when did humans first pick up the habit?

Is it really possible to be a social smoker?

There's no question -- smoking is addictive. So, can you limit the habit to social situations? If so, for how long? Let's examine the truth about the non-daily smoker.

What organization spends the most on smoking prevention?

Because of smoking's negative impact on public health, there are quite a few organizations working to help reduce the number of smokers, and some spend millions -- or even hundreds of millions -- to do so. So who spends the most?

10 Common Smoking Triggers

Whether you've just quit smoking or you're trying to severely limit your nicotine intake, there will be myriad other triggers just waiting for you. Like the seven deadly sins of the medieval morality plays, these triggers can tempt the most well-meaning quitter into lighting up and breathing out that smoky cloud of relief.