From minor tension headaches to severe migraines, the articles in this section explain what's behind your headache and how it can be effectively -- and safely -- treated.

Can changing my lifestyle help my headaches?

A healthy lifestyle is as important to headache management as any medication, and your doctor might have great recommendations. Check out tips life style changes and improving your health.

10 Tips for How to Relieve Sinus Pressure

Relieving sinus pressure isn't rocket science, but when your head's clogged up, it can feel just as important.

4 Occupations Prone to Sinus Trouble

For most people, sinuses are only really a problem in the spring and fall, when allergies, colds and flu take over. But for an unlucky few, sinus pressure and pain come with the job.

Why do sinus problems get worse during air travel?

Throw some germy surfaces into a mix of dry air and a pressurized cabin, and you have a recipe for sinus misery.

Understanding Sinus Congestion

When your sinuses are clogged and you can't breathe, it might help to know how those cavities work. Over-the-counter decongestants help, too.

Surprise! There's Such a Thing as Abdominal Migraine

If you've never heard of abdominal migraines, you're not alone. But your kid might experience them and, eventually, migraine headaches as an adult.

10 Types of Headaches and How to Combat Them

Headaches are common maladies, but that's no comfort when you have one. From inflamed sinuses to drinking too much wine, the cause of your headache can determine how to combat it. But don't reach for your pills just yet -- they might make it worse.

Headache Exercises

Tension headaches can be debilitating. Many of us automatically reach for the bottle of medication when they hit, but there are other ways to find relief. Learn about the source of this pain and what headache exercises can do to help.

Headaches 101

The pulsing in your temples spreads to the rest of your aching head. You can't concentrate, and you snap at your co-workers before begging for ibuprofen. Why does your head feel like someone's crushing it?

Migraines Overview

Can you imagine a headache that lasts for days, months or even years? Millions of migraine sufferers can. It's a condition that affects many people -- so why are migraines still greatly underdiagnosed?

Heal Your Sinuses

Chances are good that if you've experienced the pain and agony of acute sinusitis more than once. Take a look at the information in this article for signs, symptoms and cures for this kind of ailment.