From minor tension headaches to severe migraines, the articles in this section explain what's behind your headache and how it can be effectively -- and safely -- treated.
How much do you know about headaches?

What is happening to me when I have headaches?

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  • Headaches 101

    Headaches 101

    The pulsing in your temples spreads to the rest of your aching head. You can't concentrate, and you snap at your co-workers before begging for ibuprofen. Why does your head feel like someone's crushing it? See more »

  • Migraines Overview

    Migraines Overview

    Can you imagine a headache that lasts for days, months or even years? Millions of migraine sufferers can. It's a condition that affects many people -- so why are migraines still greatly underdiagnosed? See more »

  • Mysterious Headache Quiz

    Mysterious Headache Quiz

    Headaches can be agonizing, debilitating and affect your ability to handle everyday tasks. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of common causes and cures of headache pain. See more »

  • What causes an ice cream headache?

    What causes an ice cream headache?

    What causes an "ice cream headache" -- the headache you get when you eat something cold? See more »

  • Why do we get headaches?

    Why do we get headaches?

    What exactly is a headache? Find out what causes your head to hurt from different causes. See more »

  • 10 Types of Headaches and How to Combat Them

    10 Types of Headaches and How to Combat Them

    Headaches are common maladies, but that's no comfort when you have one. From inflamed sinuses to drinking too much wine, the cause of your headache can determine how to combat it. But don't reach for your pills just yet -- they might make it worse. See more »

  • Headache Quiz

    Headache Quiz

    Headaches affect all of us at one time or another yet few of us know very much about them. Test your knowledge about this common type of pain with our headache quiz. See more »

  • Heal Your Sinuses

    Heal Your Sinuses

    Chances are good that if you've experienced the pain and agony of acute sinusitis more than once. Take a look at the information in this article for signs, symptoms and cures for this kind of ailment. See more »

  • Alternative Therapies for Headaches

    Alternative Therapies for Headaches

    What medicine should you reach for if you are unsatisfied with conventional medicine? Learn more about medicine therapies that can treat severe headaches in this article. See more »

  • Are alternative or complementary headache therapies for me?

    Are alternative or complementary headache therapies for me?

    If you suffer from headaches your doctor might recommend therapy with your medication. Check out causes, possible treatments, and effective ways to treat your headache. See more »

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