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U.S. Gets a C- on Ocean Health

What’s behind the mediocre grade, and who gave it?

Bigger Muscles Don't Mean Stronger Muscles, Ya Meatheads

It seems intuitive: Getting ripped at the gym increases your strength, right? Some researchers are challenging the link between muscle size and muscle strength.

All Hyped Up? Weirdly, the Best Thing for You Might Be a Stimulant

With the right diagnosis and in the right doses, the right stimulant can do what it sounds like it shouldn’t: Keep the overstimulated calm and cool.

Working Out Mad Can Cause Some Serious Heart Problems

Being upset isn't good for heart health. But being upset and working out like a fiend can triple your risk of heart attack.

Scientists Get Serious About Measuring E-cig Puffs

Vaping's a pretty new phenomenon, so we're still in the dark as to what an average e-cigarette or vaping user inhales and discharges. That could change soon though.

FDA Redefining 'Healthy' for First Time in Decades, Wants Your Input

The FDA hopes to take a more nuanced, modern approach with guidelines for the term "healthy" — and it's asking for public input. It's not just about low fat anymore.

There's a Big Battle Going on in the Grand Canyon

And it concerns a proposed development that will, depending on whom you talk to, spoil one of the world's natural wonders or build a better future for the Navajo people.

Secret U.S. Nuclear Base Threatened by Melting Ice

Codenamed Project Iceworm, the facility has been abandoned since 1967, but melting ice could become a problem for the once secret base.

You're Only Ever as Drunk as You Think Your Friends Aren't

Drinkers tend to judge their own inebriation by turning a bleary eye to compare themselves to those around them, according to a new study.

France Becomes the First Country to Ban Disposable Plastic Cups, Plates

By 2020 some will say au revoir to disposable, single-use plastic goods. Will the rest of the world follow this trendsetting nation?

Tote Bag Needs 21 Uses to Be More Sustainable Than Plastic, Study Finds

Most people don’t reuse their totes enough to have an environmental impact, survey says.

So What Are Men's Nipples For, Anyway?

It's an age-old question and one scientists still ponder: Why do men have nipples? It all boils down to humans' evolutionary advantage.

One in Six Say They'd Rather Die 'Young.' What Age Is That?

And here's the thing: How long you want to live is linked to how long you do actually live.

Seattle Considers Creating Heroin Safe Zones

The city could become the only place in the U.S. to have safe zones where heroin addicts could use drugs under medical supervision.

Special Diet Designed to Lower Blood Pressure Can Also Fight Gout

A new Johns Hopkins study finds that cutting the fat and loading up on fruits and veggies with the DASH diet may help keep away one painful, nagging malady.

Women More OK With Their Bodies Than They Used to Be

It may have taken three decades, but a new exhaustive study shows U.S. women may be less dissatisfied with their weight than they used to be. And that's good news.

Sorry Haters, You Do Have to Floss

Recent news reports say there's no scientific evidence to support flossing, but dental associations continue to recommend it. Why's that?

How Much Is Physical Inactivity Costing the World?

For the first time, a group of researchers tried to answer that question — and got a staggering figure.

Can Marijuana Enhance Athletic Performance?

Sure, pot can help with myriad medical problems, from nausea to inflammation, but could it also improve performance on the field?

Weed Enthusiast Arrested for Keeping Human Brain Under His Porch

What does the phenomenon of "smoking wet" have to do with why this guy hid a real human brain beneath his house?

How Can You Avoid That Trip to the Dentist? Regrow Your Teeth

And did we mention that this synthetic biomaterial could eventually lead dentists to retire root canals?

Everything You've Read About Vitamin D Is Wrong

A review of existing studies found increasing your intake of vitamin D didn't help to cure or prevent several diseases.

Why Men Don't Like to Go to the Doctor

Survey gives the top reasons why men avoid those folks in white coats. Guess what's number one.

Quit Smoking. Period.

Women looking to stop smoking may have more success if they time it with their cycle, a small, new study suggests.

And Now Some Sobering Thoughts About Fish Sticks

A small, new study examined the brains of "drop-out" farm-raised fish and wondered if the fish could be depressed.