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Cold & Flu

Cold and flu can be extremely contagious and are usually more common at certain times of the year. Learn about the differences between the common cold and the flu, as well as symptoms and effective treatment methods.

5 Tips for Choosing a Cold-reduction Medicine

While there's no cure for the common cold, there's a plethora of medications designed to relieve those pesky, uncomfortable symptoms. Our list of tips for choosing a cold-reduction medicine will help you on your way to feeling better soon.

Say It; Don't Spray It. Speaking Spreads the Flu, Too.

This flu season, beware of coughers, sneezers ... and loud talkers?

When's the Best Time for a Flu Shot?

Is September too early and December too late? Or does the timing matter less than you might think for a flu shot?

Flu Symptom Checker

Flu's symptoms, from body aches to cough and fever, are legendary. But what causes all that misery? Look below to find out why you feel so awful.

Ultimate Flu Guide

Do you know what happens when the flu hits you? Here is the ultimate guide to the flu.

Blow Your Nose Less, Save on Congestion and Tissue

If you're blowing your nose every time you feel stuffed-up, stop. Learn more about blowing your nose less, save on congestion and tissue.

Who does the CDC say should get flu shots?

One common misconception is that getting a flu shot could cause someone to get the flu. You can learn more about who the CDC recommends get the flu shot from this article.

10 Reasons You Have a Runny Nose

Sniff, blow, wipe … sniff, blow, wipe … It's the seemingly endless cycle of a runny nose. But what makes our schnoz get soppy? Read on for some of the most common causes of reaching for the box of tissues.

Because a cold is a virus, all you can do is treat your symptoms with medications and lifestyle changes. Learn how to get rid of a cold fast in this article.

If you want to stop a runny nose, you can take an antihistamine or try a home remedy. Learn how to stop a runny nose from the article below.

You can get rid of a persistent cough without medication. Learn about how to stop coughing in this article.