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Find articles on stress, phobias and schizophrenia. This section offers information on a range of mental health issues.

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. So Why Not Pay Someone to Do It for You?

A new website will do the dirty work for you via Snapchat, text, letter or awkward phone call.

How to Tell When Somebody's About to Stab You in the Back

The threat of betrayal looms in all relationships. Wouldn't it be nice to know when it's coming?

Blind People Do Go to the Movies. And Audio Description Helps.

Audio description is kind of like that friend who whispers key plot points to you during the movie when you miss them. It's pretty handy for blind film buffs.

Fear: Your Memory's Worst Enemy

Those vivid memories you have of traumatic moments? Fear may have made them less accurate than you think.

The Nightmare Is Over: Researchers Discover the Switch for REM Sleep

Scientists have found a way to send mice tumbling into REM sleep almost instantly. And that could have big implications for sleep research.

5 Human Quirks That Make Good Science Hard to Do Well

Science should be clean, simple, and just the facts, right? Unfortunately these traits of imperfect humans make perfect science tough to accomplish.

This Just In: Know-it-alls Know Nothing at All

A study showed that self-professed experts claimed knowledge of concepts in their field that don't really exist.

Blind People Perceive Race, Too

But how they go about it may provide a lesson to sighted folks.

Reversing Paralysis Without Surgery? New Research Shows Promise

A nonsurgical electrical stimulation development can reawaken nerve connections in paralysis patients, and enable them to regain some movement.

Screaming: Bad for the Ears, Good for the Species?

Sure, a scream grabs your attention, but do you know why? It has to do with "roughness," a particular quality you can hear in some sounds that fluctuate rapidly.

When It Comes to Lying, the Nose Knows

Forget about shifty eyes — your nose heats up when you're not telling the truth.

Kissing: More Socially Complex Than You Realize

For some people, kissing is an incredibly romantic act, but is it really? Why is exchanging saliva so celebrated in some cultures, but so alien in others?

Thoreau Had It Right: Introverts Prefer Mountains, Extroverts Love the Beach

Researchers believe that personality reveals geographical preferences, with introverts and extroverts heading for different vacation destinations.

Can lucid dreams kill you?

If you're aware you're dreaming and you face certain death, does the real you die when the dream you does? It's a mind-bending question.

Can optimism make you healthier?

"Look on the bright side!" It's advice people have been doling out for ages, but could a positive outlook actually benefit your physical well-being?

Why are some people early birds and others are night owls?

Are you up with the birds or burning the midnight oil? Or somewhere in between? The reason why you love getting up early, or hate it, has a lot to do with genetics.

Can you really feel the weather in your bones?

Are you a human barometer? Do changes in the weather cause you physical pain? Read this and find out if you can really feel the weather right down to your bones.

Do women have a better sense of taste than men?

Girls have better taste than boys — as in the sense, that is. Find out why women's ability to distinguish between sweet and sour trumps mens'.

How many hours of sleep do you really need?

You probably already know that you don't get as much sleep as you need, but how much is enough?

Will you die if you never sleep?

Many of us who occasionally sacrifice sleep in favor of other tasks suffer the physical and mental side effects the next day. But what would happen if you never slept again?

Will we learn to live without sleep?

Imagine how much you could get done without the need for sleep. An extra six to eight hours every day seems like a dream come true. Has the future arrived? Are we ready to embark on a waking life? Read this to find out.

Why is coffee and a nap better than either by itself?

When you start feeling sleepy, nothing perks you up better than a quick nap or cup of coffee. But did you know combining the two, even though it feels like a contradiction, gives you an even bigger boost? Here's why.

10 Weird Facts About Biological Rhythms

It's no rinky-dink Mickey Mouse clock. The body clock is a strange and wonderful thing, calibrated to reflect a variety of biological rhythms that you may not have known are beating inside your body. And scientists are still not sure why it exists.

How Sugar Addiction Works

If you can't make it through the day without a piece of chocolate, are you addicted to sugar? The jury's out on whether sugar addiction is truly an addiction, but there are ways anyone can become less dependent on the other white stuff.

Can body modifications be addictive?

Addiction manifests in many different ways. Substance abuse, compulsive gambling, shopping addiction -- but is it possible to become addicted to tattoos or piercings? Find out the psychology behind addiction and body modification.