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Got a Backup Plan? Think About Ditching It

Yep, that backup plan may be getting in the way of you achieving your dream.

How Much Pee Is in Your Pool?

Urine for a shock when you learn how much pee is in the average public pool. Even Olympic swimmers admit to peeing in the pool -- just like you and me.

HowStuffWorks: How did we get to an opioid epidemic?

What are the factors that lead to an opioid epidemic, and what are the solutions?

HowStuffWorks: What is Jessie’s Law?

What is Jessie's Law, and why might it help the opioid epidemic?

The Unexpected Reason Why the Smartest People Are OK With Alone Time

Understanding prehistoric societies explains why most people are happiest in small groups — but some of us break from the norm with cities and solitude alike.

9 Hangover Cures From Around the World

Just about every nation and culture has its own special alcoholic beverage — and its own hangover cure. Some may actually work while others may just make you sicker. Which one of these will you try?

Why Don't We Notice We're Blinking?

We blink our eyes so often, yet we usually don’t perceive that the world has gone dark, if only for a microsecond. Why is that?

How Night Terrors Work

Don't worry, you'll grow out of it – unless you're among the tiny percent of adults who still experience horrific sleep visions. Learn all about night terrors at HowStuffWorks.

No Wisdom in Crowds? One Head May Be Better Than Two or 22

For difficult questions (Brexit, anyone?), large numbers don’t make for better decisions, says this researcher. But why?

Room Color Could Affect Whether You Ace Your Exam

It's time to cram. Where are you going to study, and what color are those study rooms painted?

How 17 Equals 49.6: The Amazing Multiplying Women

Statistics show people have a strange tendency to overestimate the female presence. What are the actual stats behind the "too many women" complaint?

I Used My Chronotype Info to Revamp My Life: Here's What Happened

A writer test-drives advice on running her life according to her biological body clock with some surprising results.

Want a Bigger Raise or a Smaller Waist? The Answer Could Lie in Your Chronotype

The key to a losing weight, winning an argument or anything else depends on knowing if you're a bear, lion, dolphin or wolf, says author of upcoming book.

Why Some People Will Do Anything to Avoid Pooping in Public Toilets

There's even a scientific term for people with bathroom anxiety who devise strategies, find secret spots or just head home when going in public is too overwhelming.

Science Says Your Selfies Are Less Attractive Than You Think

Think that shot of you in the changing room mirror should be posted and shared? You might want to think again, depending on whether you care how you're perceived.

We Talk With the Man Who Lived Like a Goat

Who hasn't wanted to get away from it all? For British designer Thomas Thwaites, that break entailed turning himself into a goat.

What Do High Heels Say About Conformity?

A study looked at women's shoe-buying habits to chart heel height, aspiration and conformity. What heel height rules in your state?

First Night in a New Place? One Brain Half Will Stay Up and Keep Watch

Researchers have discovered that the human brain essentially sleeps with one eye open during the first night in a new spot.

Emily & Lakisha 10 Years On: Are Employers Still Biased About Applicants' Names?

An update to a famous study shows that employers may not discriminate as much as before — with one important caveat.

Expectations Color the Ethics of the Powerful, for Good and Bad

Good news from the land of the powerful: Researchers have found that power doesn't always corrupt, especially if you set expectations about behavior beforehand.

It's Bumpy, Loud and a Little Bit Funny. It's Lawnmower Racing

The sport of lawnmower racing is real, and the season has just begun in the U.S. and the U.K. Ready to give it a go?

Sure, Just One Minute of Exercise Sounds Great, But …

That's not really the scoop. A new study doesn’t exactly claim that one minute of intense exercise is the same as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. But it's not far off.

One Simple Way to Get More Sleep: Lower the Thermostat

Arianna Huffington's new book on sleep got us thinking about how to get better zzzs. Could lowering the thermostat work for you, too?

Ridiculous History: When People Thought They Were Made of Glass

Imagine being afraid that if someone touches you or that if you sit down, you'll break. That's what life was like for someone with the glass delusion.

The Chance a Stranger Helps You in a Medical Emergency Is Depressingly Low

Whither the Good Samaritan? A new study finds the chance of receiving a stranger's aid in a public medical emergency is close to zero — and worse if you're black or poor.