Know how to prevent, treat and control the symptoms of various diseases and medical conditions. We explain what's happening in your body when disease strikes, and what you can do to feel better faster.
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Are you ready for cold season?

Drugs have been developed to treat a specific ailment. Learn more about medicines, what they treat and how to use them safely.

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Hemochromatosis should get more press than it receives. A condition that frequently goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, it can have severe and even life-threatening consequences if untreated. In fact, many people go about a good portion of their lives without a proper diagnosis. Of importance for people with diabetes, hemochromatosis, if untreated, mimics the symptoms of diabetes and can be misdiagnosed as such. Take this quiz and learn about hemochromatosis.

Hip Dysplasia Overview

Many people think of hip dysplasia in the context of big dogs or little babies. But adults, especially women, can have it, too. What causes this malformation of the hip, and how can doctors treat it?

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