Death & Dying

Death is an inevitable fact of life. Learn about life expectancy, the different ways to die, in this section.

What causes rigor mortis?

Murder victims found clutching strands of their attacker's hair aren't the stuff of Hollywood -- rigor mortis is the cause. What makes muscles tighten and joints lock after someone dies?

The Top Contender for How You'll Likely Die

You know you're going to bid this planet farewell at some point, but what ultimately will cause your death? We have a good guess.

10 Superstitions About Death

Death is a fact of life. Since the beginning of time humanity has come up with numerous superstitions to come to terms with the dearly departed.

Can a splinter kill you?

How can something so small be such a giant pain? Tweezers can undo most splinter damage but not all: That tiny interloper might be teeming with bacteria.

10 Worst Ways to Die

C'mon. You know you've thought about this. We have, too. Want to see how your list compares with ours?

Frequently Asked Questions About Forensic Pathology

Forensic pathology is a fascinating field. Take a look at frequently asked questions about forensic pathology to learn more.

10 Fallen Stars and Their Toxicology Reports

Fallen stars are tragic, but what their toxicology reports say are shocking. Here are 10 fallen stars and their toxicology reports.

10 Celebrity Deaths: The Final Details

Find out the final autopsy details behind some of the worlds biggest name celebrities with 10 celebrity deaths and their final details.

10 Things to Know About Forensic Medicine

Forensic medicine covers a range of fields and professions, from coroners to forensic pathologists and medical examiners. Get insider tips and information on being in forensic medicine.

Behind the Death of Whitney Houston

Learn about the contributing health factors in the death of Whitney Houston. Take a look at her career and what led to her eventual passing.

What are the odds?

There are innumerable freaky ways to meet your mortality, but what is the actual likelihood that you'll be struck by a meteorite or injured in an amusement park?