Infectious Diseases

Bird flu, malaria, plague and West Nile virus are infectious diseases we've all heard of. Find information on these epidemics and more in this section.

5 Ways to Prevent Swine Flu

So you've heard all the hype about H1N1 and have no interest in being infected with a combination swine-avian-human influenza monster virus. What are the best ways to go about avoiding it?

To Fight Disease, Should We Treat and Educate Popular People First?

We often lack the resources to treat and educate everyone when combating disease. Moving the 'hubs' of a social network to the front of the line may be most effective.

Cows Have HIV-fighting Power

And that unique ability may propel us closer to an HIV vaccine for humans.

Removing This Invasive Shrub's Flowers Could Help Combat Malaria

Mosquitoes spread deadly malaria, and trimming one specific shrub could make significant headway in battling the disease.

New CDC Quarantine Rules Raise Civil Liberty Concerns

Updated quarantine regulations which would give federal health officials more leeway to detain sick people have some legal and civil rights experts concerned.

Why a Massive Zika Outbreak in the United States Is Unlikely

Sure, the carrier mosquitoes are in the U.S., and so is the disease. But other factors will stave off a widespread incident, experts say.

New Study: Zika Can Survive for 8 Hours Outside a Host Body

Zika virus acts weird for a mosquito-borne illness. The newest twist is that it can survive for a surprisingly long time on a hard, nonporous surface.

The Curious Ability to Detect Disease by Smell

Sometimes the nose knows. What advances are being made in detecting diseases by scent?

Cat Scratch Fever’s Not Just an Infectious Song

Cat scratch fever’s having another day in the spotlight and this time it has nothing to do with rocker Ted Nugent. So, should you be scared of your kitty?

Keeping Zika Out of the U.S. Blood Supply

The FDA is recommending that all blood donations start being tested for Zika virus in the next 12 weeks. But what about the blood already on hand? What happens to that?

Researchers Analyze Google Data to Show Success of Chickenpox Vaccine

In countries where governments mandate vaccination against chickenpox, a new study finds, online searches for information about symptoms drop.