Drugs and Alcohol

Find information on alcohol and illegal drugs, caffeine and nicotine, and information on addiction.

A new study gives alarming evidence that more Americans than ever meet the diagnostic criteria for alcoholism.

The U.S. is experiencing a widespread opioid epidemic, but some states are seeing especially high numbers of overdoses.

How much does your personality change when you're drunk? You might be surprised by the findings of a study from the University of Missouri.

Isn't that just one long and toxic cocktail of intense pain?

There's a new risky behavior gaining popularity among teens, and it involves e-cigarettes.

We talk with addiction specialists and recovering alcoholics to find out whether the host should hold off on the booze, give a heads-up, or do nothing.

Many Americans who've benefited from using medical marijuana are wondering whether they can get a prescription for their pets, too.

With the right diagnosis and in the right doses, the right stimulant can do what it sounds like it shouldn’t: Keep the overstimulated calm and cool.

Vaping's a pretty new phenomenon, so we're still in the dark as to what an average e-cigarette or vaping user inhales and discharges. That could change soon though.

Drinkers tend to judge their own inebriation by turning a bleary eye to compare themselves to those around them, according to a new study.

The city could become the only place in the U.S. to have safe zones where heroin addicts could use drugs under medical supervision.

Sure, pot can help with myriad medical problems, from nausea to inflammation, but could it also improve performance on the field?

What does the phenomenon of "smoking wet" have to do with why this guy hid a real human brain beneath his house?

It's not yet on the market, but many states are turning their noses up at Palcohol, citing potential for underage drinking, snorting and sneaking.

New research finds that although alcohol dependence is harder on your body, persistent marijuana use can cause more financial, socioeconomic troubles.

The chuckling, happy-go-lucky stereotype of the marijuana user may soon be laid to rest.

Vaping with chemical flavors may expose users to diacetyl, a potentially dangerous chemical that can seriously damage the lungs.

The Netflix TV show has some folks wondering about drugs in the U.S. military.

Smokers aren't all two-pack-a-day types, but many of the people who have a cigarette here and there don't consider themselves smokers.

Harold and Kumar have a lot more company these days.

Our favorite fictional monster scientist explores the wonders and terrors of ... mushrooms.

We can all name a great musician, writer or actor who's struggled with alcohol abuse. Just how linked are creative genius and a good cocktail?

Diabetes is a lot of work. Everything that goes into your mouth has an effect on your blood sugar, including alcohol. And new research raises the possibility that alcohol does more than just aggravate type 2 diabetes – it might cause it.

Some binge drinkers are alcoholics, and some alcoholics are binge drinkers, but the two don't totally overlap. And it's not just semantics -- understanding the differences between the two may help us with effective prevention.

Insomnia, upset stomach, sweating, fast heartbeat -- this is the day-to-day of someone with an anxiety disorder. A cocktail (or a beer or glass of wine) can affect anxiety in many ways, but some people think one is almost a side effect of the other.